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Shin Oni avatar 11:32 AM on 11.25.2009  (server time)
SSF4 new character trailer

not much we don't know already on the character piece. Just showcasing a few moves/Ultra of all new characters announced so far (along with Adon/Cody/Guy) So you get to hear character themes added in the run with it...

american voices added too. Dee Jay is Conrad in disguise. Cody and Guy sound rather...boring honestly. Dee Jay's voice is the only one that seems to stand out.

Guy/Cody/Adon's Ultra's look meh. I was hoping Capcom would be smart and add a bit of final Fight reference in Cody's ultra like they did with his supers in Alpha 3. (guess there's hope for Ultra 2.) Adon's look like a nice fireball clutch ultra...

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