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Shin Oni avatar 3:23 PM on 09.12.2009  (server time)
SRK Saturday 360: Sorry, I'm busy Edition

it's looking really slim this week on both PS3 and 360. A lot of people are busy with school or other things. Well not me...cause i'm a bum. A bum who works during the week and has no money for college. DeBLOO hasn't posted anything yet so i'll just take it over this week.

Blazblue: Shin Oni

most know i've been pushing this but it comes up dead. I'll probably be on this most of the time. Message me so you can receive free pole dances.

King of Fighters XII: Shin Oni

I don't bet much on this one. most people on the 360 side don't seem to have KoFXII or BB so i'm the oddball of the bunch lol. If you do and want to go for a few let me know.

HD Remix: Shin Oni

May have more luck here. I haven't touched HDR in months but i'm more than willing to bust it out and go for a bit.

Street Fighter IV: Shin Oni

I haven't got rid of it yet cause i'm hoping for a certain person to get it before I lose my patience with it. It's a tossup on if i'll play this. ask me nicely and maybe.

all of these are pretty much anytime after 8PM EST just message me and see what's up. Also, I may be nice and try to record a few matches if any ever take place. And here's a nice little Blazblue glitch for you guys.

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