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Shin Oni avatar 11:38 PM on 02.05.2009  (server time) Rates the SFIV Tournament Edition Sticks

Because mine should be arriving sometime next week if they hit a week before SFIV, i'll give my own little test run on this sweet thing. But SRK have theirs early and decide to give their thoughts on it.

Personally though it's not much you haven't heard. But hearing it from actual players and not Madcatz reps (i'm not including Markman as he's done an awesome job keeping an eye on the SRK stick thread for the whole time answering questions.)

All I can say is that playing fighters on my 360 with a NOT Hori EX2 stick will be aweome and hot. Especially when I'll order different color sanwa parts...*wet dreams*

anyway..enjoy the vid. It's a bit out of sync but they know that.

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