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2:59 PM on 12.04.2008 // Shin Oni
SFIV Gen and Cammy Scans appear

Gametrailer post on the scans

- Yay. more Cammy ass shot.

- Gen will retain his 2 stances. Also has a anti-air super (which is a grab.) The explication for his Ultra is rather bland so i'm not even going to explain that.

- Basically Cammy in this one is SSFII:Turbo Cammy plus more combo options.

- Apparently while waiting for a match online, you'll be able to fight I guess what seems to be in a arcade modeish thing until a match is found or someone decides to fight you. In which, you'll get the "HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!" message as if someone pushed started on p2 or plunked in some quarters.

what confuses me in that post is how it states twice that the console version will recieve extra characters. Granted we know this, but are they implying something we don't already know? cause the Character select menu looked rather full to me (unless they're doing console exclusives...which in that case could make sense...but be stupid.)
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