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Shin Oni avatar 11:50 AM on 11.27.2008  (server time)
NEXT GEN CONSOLES DEFEATED! Vid of All revamped characters in DW6: Special

Obviously if you hate DW/SW series, you don't care. But if you enjoy giving me hits and moving my rank up by clicking my cblog post and commenting, for hate, by all means go ahead. I win in the end anyway.

someone alert sterling! as all the revamped movesets (sadly...just Cao Pi, Zhang He,Taishi Ci, Ling Tong, Ma Chao, and Yue Ying) are all in this vid. I spotted this on Koei warriors late last night and although i'm somewhat late finding the new movesets, better than never. Zhange He is awesome again, Yue Ying looks..meh (except for the deadlock win. hmmm..) Ling Tong is still cool and rapes. Ma Chao isn't really "Ma Chao" without a spear and a horse, and Cao Pi looks ok. LOL at Taishi Ci as who cares about him.

Also lacking new moves are....half of other half of the cast (Zhen Ji, Zhou Tai, Wei Yan, Zhu Zu, and all the other people completely left out.) and there's still no Pang De. FIX IT KOEI

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