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Shin Oni avatar 12:03 PM on 05.08.2009  (server time)
Mature and Elizabeth invade home KoFXII game. Also "Better" KoF boxart of KoF just kinda spluured out.

But apparently Mature (YAY and new outfit yay.) and Elizabeth (meh) are coming to the home versions of KoFXII. Most will probably disagree on Mature's return (cept me as I was always a Mature > Vice) And Elizabeth should have been a given. She was in early art of KoFXII but no sign of her in game. So I figured she was either a mid boss/boss/hidden. Still no "official" call of K and Mai...who people believe are in the game due to SNKP's site of them both with the new artstyle (and I believe they're still in.).

and you saw those horrible choices for the American boxart a few days back on the front page? Japan spits on us again with "better" style boxart that doesn't have them backdropped in some random foreground with Kyo/Iori covering half of the background characters. Plus Ash. Ash is sex in my book.

360 Jap Boxart

PS3 Jap Boxart

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