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2:20 PM on 12.03.2008 // Shin Oni
KoF XII vids spotted in wild. Come hither.

We know the full cast (which isn't a impressive one from SNK) but we get over it. Overall the game looks awesome in play. A few of the vids. (not great quality even in high quality...but you can see.)

the game itself is shapin to look hot. Though just a few notes:

- Clark/Ralph seriously look like they're on steroids. They're fucking huge. That's compared to most of the men in the game getting the muscle buff.

- Goro's ultra tall. Like...really.

- Iori's new playstyle looks interesting. But of course not much is shown in that vid cause whoever is playing aren't that good.

- Kensou's throwback outfit (original Psycho Soldiers outfit) looks rather hot. I've slowly began to like Kensou over the years.

- Ash is sexy still. I think the art overhaul just made the french = rape now.

- Joe's newly done stance is hot. Tiger kick looks ultra fast now (looks like the strong kick version.) Joe also may be somewhat passable with the supers being how they are now.

- what a waste SNK.

- Supers are back to being a threat now that they have no pause frame animation. So if you don't see the startup or the small flash indication on the character, you're fucked.

Overall, I'm not really complaining. Even though there's a lack of characters, I know it's for the art reason (which is compeltely understandable in my book.) But this means KoFXIV will be a complete ultimate dreammatch to rival KoF 98 right SNK?

There's also more vids from the youtube user and other (and somewhat better quality) vids from other people from the youtube jump.
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