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Shin Oni avatar 10:35 AM on 09.28.2009  (server time)
Hazama Confirmed for Continuim Shift

you can start dropping you mains for Hazama/Terumi now. Taken from Dustloop forums:

And there's our second new playable character.

It's Hazama, by the way, not Terumi. Just throwing that out there.

Drive: Ouroborus - Summons and manipulates chains which can hang in the air or be launched at enemies. It's possible to use them for movement by swinging on an axis. It's similar to Spider-man's web lines.

He uses knives, which can vaguely be seen in his left hand in the photo.

Techinically it's still Terumi though since he's taking over Hazama's body. Plus Terumi's Drive is Ouroborus. So yea...there's your 2nd character.

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