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Alias: Shin Oni
Age: 22

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Ok i'll stop dodging. all the cool kids are doing it so I figure i'd do this. Not sure how or why this got big as this seems like a forum thing but whatever. Maybe we have some facebook addicts hiding within the regular cbloggers.

Why 36!?!!! cause I like to be different in some way. Though most aren't even gonna be long and drawn out.

1. Favorite number is 36. Hence why this is 36 and not 10.

2. I have waaaay too many games to finish. Be it from Dreamast games, PS2, 360, N64, GC, even NES and Genesis days. I simply HAVE time but I get lost in what to do in a day and I either end up playing my 360, having my 360 on but NEVER playing anything, playing my non hacked PSP, or simply trying to find something to surf about on the interwebz. This doesn't even include half the other junk I do either.

3. Apart of the "other" junk I do, 1 of them is actually being an editor (or so to say) on a website called Pushing Play. Granted I haven't been keeping up with it due to not having time management and then completely losing interest in whatever I was going to write. Though I really hope I don't screw this up. It could lead to working in the video game industry in some way possible. Speaking of which, I think i'll do some crap right after this nonsense.

4. I live in Maryland and if you've seen Mr. Dork's B-More NARP vids, (at least from the first narp) that little dark kid there is me. Yes, as of now, i'm the only black kid who attends the b-more narp. Ironic no? Actually it's funny. (my 2 friends don't count seeing they lurk.)

5. Actually....i'm not JUST black. I'm african american (I think) and have some native american in my blood from my mom's side.

6. I've got the notation that I'm a pretty mean (or look mean) person. I'm really not. I just hate sugarcoating the truth and just kinda tell it straight. Or tell it straight when the time is right.

7. Never left the US. One day I will...hopefully that day will be soon...

8. I used to get a lot of girls say I had sexy legs back in high school...I dunno if that was a joke or what. I always laugh when someone brings it up because I really don't do much working out aside from the daily moving that I do.

9. Only been through 1 actual relationship. Kinda funny considering all the girls or people I know constantly tell me "ohhh you're cute" and that silly crap....right.

10. on top of #9, i'm shy at times. I think most of it is due to not knowing what to say or because people will talk about crap I don't know or get lost in. Otherwise I can be a rather loud person or just talk a lot. All really depends on who i'm around or what we're talking about and time of year.

11. I love the warm. Cold = death to me and makes it too complicated to play ANY games. This is bad for me because where I stay (parents place currently) my room stays cold unless a heater is in the room. so it's kinda fucking up my fingers playing games and..other possible thing. To go further, when it's hot, my room is about 100x hotter than it is outside.

12. I'm rather lazy...at least lately. I mainly blame it to not having a regular schedule and going with it. So i'm kinda a big mess as of now.

13. I sleep late. like...to the point it's almost 5 in the morning. This is probably screwing up most of #12 so I wake up around noon and don't get shit done.

14. Currently my left ear is uh...fucked up somehow. I'm getting it checked out soon but it's possible I might've accidentally punctured it. I can hear if things are close to my ear. too far, can't hear. I guess it's fine. Most of the junk around here I don't want to listen to anyway.

15. i'm running out of ideas...bet you didn't see that coming.

16. I do a lot of thinking. Mainly on just the future of my life and overall games and where they're headed. It obvious a lot of things have changed and people who game these days seem to become rather piss poor and bitchy over a lot of things. I also wonder where the hell i'll be in 10 years..but doesn't everyone?

17. i'm not gonna make it to 36...so i'm stopping at 20.

18. I always say I have too many friends. But I blame that on my rather carefree attitude on everything.

19. to go along with #18, i'm pretty damn carefree. I may not do a lot of things but i'm up for just about anything that seems fun to me. Or interesting. Problem is most of the people I live around aren't oh so interesting...or expect me to be the one coming up with ideas.

20. last one huh....uh....I dunno. I'm single. there. I half assed that.

21. ok real last one. Cocks. I wants yours.

I take open questions too. see...I thought ahead.

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