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I'm just a guy who grew up around video games and recently, like 3-4 years ago, discovered that you can learn about video games on youtube, so now that the Destructoid show has had there last episode I joined their main site.
I have been a gamer forever mainly since I discovered the Xbox 360, then my life got better in my eyes and probably worse in my parents (lol). But recently I've been playing a lot of games I would normally play on the 360 on my PC (which I've always had for world of warcraft).
Well thats pretty much my story.
Thanks for reading.

P.S My favorite game trilogy is Mass Effect and I love three's multiplayer if you want to play send me a message.
P.S.S I really don't like CoD or game with multiplayer like that.
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Let's start with single player, and the example that pops in my head is skyrim. When skyrim released they were the greatest game ever but as time passed i heard people complaining about things such as, it was to easy, you were required to take blacksmithing and enchanting to have a viable character (what?), and to this day i hear it's broken compared to other elder scrolls games. But is it really the games problem or did skyrim just branch to far off from the previous games and as the game got older people missed the nostalgia of the older games.
Now lets talk about the reaction that goes along with this (this is my opinion). To me i see a hyped up person ready to play a great game thats been a long follower of the series. He thinks it's awesome with great landscape, graphics, quests, and hell dragons. but then he gets used to it and misses what he had in previous games.
Ok multiplayer games, I'm not giving a game example, but i will tell you about the reactions to multiplayer crowd from what i've seen. First they hate change that balances the game but weakens them (call of duty death threats fiasco). Second they demand change if they are bad. Third and last they don't understand that the launch of a game is always bumpy and the developer will fix problem soon.
My last category is the reaction to MMO change. I think the MMO crowd takes change the best probably because they know what coming, because of betas, patch note ETC... the worst thing i've seen as a reaction to MMO change was people spamming chat. But also in a MMO the developer will most likely fix problems in the next patch.
that's really all i got to say
thanks for reading

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