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Sup? We're all here because we dig games, and I wanted a place to talk about games and game-related nonsense.

There's a certain affect of "gamer culture" that seems to react to the stereotypical "videogame NERD" image (caps on "nerd" to emphasize the equally stereotypical "jock" act of shoving us into our locker while he bellows the phrase in a poor mockery of accent, his mullet shining like the golden harvest of grain) by putting forth the ridiculous and offensive image of the "GAMER," that dude who carries around two big guns named "Attitude" and "Elitism," which reduces our community to a collection of fanboys and consistently argues (like American husbands in the 20's-50's) that women can't play games.

Like many here, I've grown up playing games and immersing myself in the simulacra of a world we call our own. We're all people, we all have opinions, beliefs, and perspectives, but I advocate the idea of putting aside as much of our "outside" personas as we can when we congregate like this in favor of just playing some damn games.

This screen name, "Shibboleth," refers to something codified, like a ritual or signal, that lets us know we are a part of this community. Wearing an Xbox shirt in public (gasp!), carrying around your 3DS in StreetPass mode, or having your ringtone set to the Codec sound are all clues that we send to one-another. We're here, we all do this particular thing, and we should all hang out and be groovy.

Also, cocks.
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Confirming that I still care about things, Tomonobu Itagaki, former Master Ninja at Team Ninja and current head of Valhalla Game Studios said that Devil's Third is still on track.  Due to timing issues, the game won't be at E3, but he is still in talks with undisclosed publishers.

Following the THQ debacle, the rights for Devil's Third reverted back to Valhalla, so thankfully the game managed to avoid getting stuck in some publisher's back-catalog limbo.  The game was revealed in 2010 for PS3 and 360, but who knows where the hell it will wind up now.

Source: Polygon

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