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As my fingers dashed across a game pad at one-o-clock-ante-meridiem, the reality-shattering bullet of a potentially disastrous epiphany crashed through my skull. I dropped the controller on the floor softly, looking at the TV in a state of puzzlement. Surely, I was wrong. I was mistaken.

There was no way I had never beaten a Final Fantasy game.

Frantically, I rushed through memories, way back, back into the days where beasts fell as my blade ripped through their necks during all-night gaming sessions. Back into the days where notebooks with puzzle-solving possibilities adorned my desk. Back into the days where I played role-playing games.

If I'm being truthful--and I should be, since this is a confession--I've hardly ever beaten an RPG. I mean, I love 'em to death, and I played them like crazy. In no way do I lack skill in role-playing games, though some would contest that you hardly need skill to play them. What I do lack, however, is an attention span. This is a fatal flaw for a gamer.

For example, during Final Fantasy XII. I loved Final Fantasy XII like I love demeaning women. I hailed it as the revival of the series (Let's be honest. X sucked.), and probably one of the best games of 2006. I lost myself in the Gambit system, empathized with the characters, and man, don't even get me started on the graphics. But, all at once, I stopped playing. Just like that. Completely stopped. But why?

Sega Genesis Collection.

The advent of this new game onto my radar completely took me out of Final Fantasy XII. I couldn't help but be drawn away by that sexy blue blur. And so, I left Final Fantasy XII behind and moved on, never to go back.

So, forgive me, I am but a victim. I wanted to finish the game as much as the next guy, but, alas, 'twas impossible. I implore you, Destructoid community; what is your ultimate gaming sin? Drop it in the comments, or write a C-blog entitled "Blasphemous Gaming". I'm sure I'm not alone in my heresy.

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