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Shazaam1205's blog

8:26 PM on 09.12.2013

I don't use this site, but maybe I should.

So I was thinking to myself today. I thought "self, you have opinions about stuff. Game stuff. Why don't you post those opinions on a blog that you have that no one reads?" And so I said back to myself "yes I think that is a fine idea". So yeah. Coming soon?   read

3:26 PM on 05.29.2010

First Blog. Shazaam!

Hey ya'll. This is my first blog on this site! At the time of writing this, I have no friends here so this probably will never be read! Yay! So let's talk briefly about King of Fighters XIII.

Now, I have really high hopes for KOF13. But I do still worry that it will suffer from similar problems as KOF12. KOF12 was a good game at its core. The fighting system worked well and the character sprites were spectacular. Its probably the best sprite work I have ever seen. Ever. It was disappointing how few characters there were. It would have been an okay roster in a game where you only choose one character, but that is not the case. There were also very few modes. The main arcade mode was a time trial where you had to try to go through it as fast as possible. It got boring very fast. In training mode there was no way to check your character's moves. You could only do it in arcade or versus. And the last thing that if fixed, would have made the whole game tolerable, the online. Now, I do not think that a game needs online to be good. In fact, when games focus too much on slapping online on to something, it dampens the overall experience (ex: Bioshock 2, Brutal Legend, etc), but the whole reason people play fighting games is to play against other human opponents. If there are no arcades with the game you are practicing in your area and your friends don't play fighting games, you NEED online to even make the game enjoyable. The netcode in KOF12 is TERRIBLE. Even when 2 people had fast connections and lived fairly close to each other, the fights were like slideshows. Its some of the worst lag I have ever seen in an online game. If it weren't for that, the game would have been fine. KOF13 has already fixed some of the problems. I am pretty sure there is a regular arcade/story mode and the roster has been increased to a decent number. The only thing they have left to fix is the online. Without it, I have almost no reason to buy it.   read

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