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Sharmsie avatar 12:31 AM on 04.23.2008  (server time)
Co-op: The Birth, Death and Resurrection

So, after a long long hiatus, Co-op is finally back in vogue. Once a sign of simpler times the mighty cooperative game mode is now somewhat an essential part of the multi-player experience. Let's face it who doesn't want to sit back and play through a campaign with a friend/family member/random along for the ride. Assuming they don't suck ass, it's usually a good time had by most if not all.

The Co-op classics like gauntlet, doom and contra are sure to bring a tear to many a seasoned gamers eye. These games put groups of people through hell, but it was worth every cent. The players working together as a well oiled machine to reach the end (unless of course your chosen partner sucks ass). We were blessed with the likes of Metal Slug, Diablo, Baulders Gate, Gunstar Heroes for gaming pleasure.

But around 2000 with the ever increasing popularity of online gaming, co-op seemed to die out. Sure there was the occasional game, some wonderful, some uglier than the fat crazy ex girlfriend you wish people didn't know you slept with. But all in all co-op seemed to be put on the back burner.

But now, oh lordy, there is co-op everywhere and thanks to the wonders of the internet, you don't have to put up with the strange aroma of your friends and hopefully find some people who don't suck ass. Co op is a chance to bring friends together and rag on how much Kane and Lynch blows, a chance to talk about army of two trying just a bit to hard to be edgy or how halo 3 isn't halo 1.

And god damn it I'm glad it's back.

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