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Sharmsie's blog

4:33 AM on 04.30.2008

The Health System

Health bars are decidedly old school, minimalist H.U.D's and no life bars decidedly new school. Personally I find the idea of hiding to recover health a tad unrealistic, especially in say rainbow six or any other realistic shooter, the absurdity is akin to eating a pounder from Mc Donalds, with extra bacon and double cheese while on a diet.

mmmmm tasty

I'm not here to debate which is better, or why they suck, they both make for fun times. I'm here to talk about how stupid games can be if you don't suspend disbelief.

Health bars, lord knows if I could see mine I probably wouldn't be sitting in this chair on a cblog. If I could see other peoples, I'd mostly be a dick, but I cant so why should my character be able to. Sure without them games would be frustrating, but surely games are supposed to be realistic now right? I don't want to have fun, I want to play a game where I am an ordinary dude who cant take 30 shots to the chest and be fine after picking up a med kit. I certainly don't want to have a good time.

Now med kits, health packs, herbs or even fucking burgers. They are the instant health boost that will make a man who is bleeding internally feel the best he has ever felt. Burgers don't do that, if anything the should kill you faster, make you character morbidly obese and bless him with the power of salmonella, especially that giant pounder pictured above. Even more so it's usually just lying on the floor. Not only is it theft, it's gross. really gross.

Now any one who has played cod 4, rainbow 6 and pretty much ever other fps released or hear a games journo wank over the the new health style system will know what I'm talking about. Every one of these games lets you play as the fucking t1000.

You can take as much punishment as you want, give it a few seconds and you're good as new, the only thing that can stop you is god damn lava, or the fact you suck at games. This would be cool if you were playing a terminator game that didn't suck major ass, but since a terminator game like that doesn't exist, you are not. No usually you're just a normal guy who is super glad he wasn't stuck with a health bar and an addiction to pain killers like last generations protagonists. So this is pretty much a big screw you to Call of Duty 2. I can understand if the t1000 went back in time, killed a bunch of nazi's while looking for john conor, but i highly doubt it

Clearly i prefer health bars over near semi-god like invincibility.

Kinda like Kevin Sorbo


1:17 AM on 04.26.2008

Another Metal Gear Online Impression

So after a bunch of problems, we are finally allowed to sample the MGO beta. What can I say, I enjoyed the experience, but still the same question I found my self asking during the ps2 incarnation comes to mind here. Is MGS suited for online play?

Well mostly, but anyone hoping for a damn good time can start jumping and partying hard.

There is really no need to talk about visuals or audio here, both are top notch as to be expected from Kojima.

For me the controls seemed a tad awkard at first, but I believe this is probably due to the fact I was playing mgs1 and 2 to kill the days the beta was closed. Anyone who has MGS or its sequels will notice that firing your weapon has been mapped to R1 instead of square, off putting at first for any Solid Snake Veteran. I soon settled to them appreciating the resident evil inspired aiming system, which became quite natural to me. The auto-aim feature however to me feels quite clunky, and at times broken. You can toggle between the two on the fly by pressing square. While I'll be sticking to the wonderful over the shoulder aiming system most of the time, the auto aim does come in handy for some easy kills when it works.

Team Deathmatch is pretty fun, and at some points even intense. The SOP system lets you sync up with other players giving a wire frame like glow around there characters, from there you can track them across the map visually as the wire frames show up through walls. It's a great idea, but the people I've played with tend to disregard teamwork altogether, instead preferring the age old head on rush to death. No one seems to use any sort of communication, either the inbuilt voice prompts, the chat system or voice com. Perhaps this is simply my own experience

The one problem is the lack of integration to the PSN, the need for a PSN account, game id and konami account is just stupid, besides that I'm having a pretty good time.   read

6:56 PM on 04.24.2008

I want you to dualshock me

Thats right, in preparation for mgs4, a game the hype machine has led me to believe is better than sex, with a woman, of the very attractive variety, while eating ice cream, I have imported a dual shock 3. I'm not even going to rant about the absurd Australian prices, there is a much much more serious matter at hand.

The cause of this problem, is as a friend informed me, the complete 'pussification' of rumble. For comparisons sake we felt it was akin to a Bjork concert compared to say, any kind of music with balls. I do understand the technical reasons for this, and the added weight to the controller is much appreciated. It makes the controller feel more sturdy and less like a cheap plastic shell. Even the white finish is nice although after a few weeks of use I may regret my colour choice. But no, the fact that this is a great upgrade to the six axis is not my concern.

What we are worried about is the original intended use of a rumble controller. Jollies

Yes, those jollies. The kind of sick twisted activities that have crossed most peoples minds at least once. The thought of such an idea does make the normal person think twice about picking up a friends controller with out throughly wiping it down. Hell Japanese Rez owners received the trance vibrator, a device whose gameplay enhancements were lost upon most.

But now thanks to Sony, I don't have to worry about such horrors. No body would derive any kind of stimulating pleasure from the dual shock 3's rumble feature. So thank you Sony, I no longer have to live in creepy disgusted fear of my friends controllers.

But hey, rumble is still better than no rumble.   read

12:31 AM on 04.23.2008

Co-op: The Birth, Death and Resurrection

So, after a long long hiatus, Co-op is finally back in vogue. Once a sign of simpler times the mighty cooperative game mode is now somewhat an essential part of the multi-player experience. Let's face it who doesn't want to sit back and play through a campaign with a friend/family member/random along for the ride. Assuming they don't suck ass, it's usually a good time had by most if not all.

The Co-op classics like gauntlet, doom and contra are sure to bring a tear to many a seasoned gamers eye. These games put groups of people through hell, but it was worth every cent. The players working together as a well oiled machine to reach the end (unless of course your chosen partner sucks ass). We were blessed with the likes of Metal Slug, Diablo, Baulders Gate, Gunstar Heroes for gaming pleasure.

But around 2000 with the ever increasing popularity of online gaming, co-op seemed to die out. Sure there was the occasional game, some wonderful, some uglier than the fat crazy ex girlfriend you wish people didn't know you slept with. But all in all co-op seemed to be put on the back burner.

But now, oh lordy, there is co-op everywhere and thanks to the wonders of the internet, you don't have to put up with the strange aroma of your friends and hopefully find some people who don't suck ass. Co op is a chance to bring friends together and rag on how much Kane and Lynch blows, a chance to talk about army of two trying just a bit to hard to be edgy or how halo 3 isn't halo 1.

And god damn it I'm glad it's back.   read

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