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ShadyDevil's blog

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ShadyDevil avatar 10:59 AM on 11.08.2013  (server time)
More About Me

Since the first post went off rather well and I personally am not used to getting feedback at all, let alone positive ones. I was rather happy. So I thank you for the warm welcome. 

So I decided to continue with more about my gaming past, again I game on just about every platform I can get my hands on. I haven't taken the plunge to the Wii U yet (seems not many have), however I am contemplating it seeing that my local Gamestop has a used model. I have very different tastes than most, I enjoy the occasional JRPG like Disgaea or Ar Tonelico Qoga, but I also enjoy western RPG's like Kingdoms Of Amalur (RIP 30 Studios), and Elder Scrolls. I enjoy all types of shooters as well from Halo, and Gears to Bioshock and Call of Duty.

If I had to pick the one game that really stood out for me from this last generation, it would have to be a tie between Bioshock 1 & The Last Of Us. Few games have brought us a gripping narrative as those two titles along with the twist on both ends of the spectrum. 

My favorite genre has to be open-world or Sandbox (depending on how you take your gaming) I rather just call it open-world as Sandbox gives the idea of GTA immediately but it doesn't have to be third person, case in point-Far Cry 2/ Far Cry 3, two amazing titles. Also I consider Burnout Paradise, and Forza Horizon open-world. As far as MMO's go, I find them hard to get into because I am such an avid gamer, shortly after it releases I find myself wanting to play a game that comes out the week after, which was the case with FFXIV. 

Since I believe I suck at inserting photos (didn't work out well for me last time), I will link a few of my writing samples if that is okay with you guys :). Feel free to check them out and I would love to hear feedback from it. A few of these might be 'controversial' as i felt they were good games in their own right and I believe reviews are ones opinion conveyed.

Do enjoy and I will appreciate feedback good or bad. :) 

PS: Can anyone help me with the categories thing? When would I want to use the other categories other than "personal blog entry"? Thanks.

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