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ShadyDevil's blog

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ShadyDevil avatar 2:28 AM on 11.07.2013  (server time)
Hello Dtoid.

Well, a little about me is simple I suppose. I live in Nevada, with my girlfriend and our daughter Alice. I wrote for TheGamersHub for the past five years where I was the US Editor and enjoyed my time there but decided to take a little time off for myself and family as well as catch up on the unavoidable backlog of games. 

I am a lover of videogames to the hardest extent, I will not classify myself as a 'hardcore' gamer as I feel that has been slightly overused. I am a fan of all types of games and genre's and I enjoy both COD and Battlefield as well as both Playstation and Microsoft consoles. I own both handheld devices (3DS/Vita respectively). There just is a too many good games in general to go nitpicking and choosing sides. I feel that if you are a gamer, there shouldn't have to be an invisible line you make for yourself that you will not cross. :) 

The reason I came here to Dtoid and decided to finally sign up and write this blog; well I have always read the site and enjoy their no-nonsense handling of news, reviews and the like. I always felt it was a gimmick but after closer observation I see that they are the real deal and that is something this industry needs more of, is honesty and less sugar-coating. I am writing this blog simply because I also love to write and I guess this is a good way to pass some time and let my imagination run rampant on here. 

Now the suggestion says that I should include a photo to possibly gain more people to like it...but I don't really care if anyone reads it. Ah well, what can it hurt.

Well that is that. It is a pleasure to meet all of you and I look to make some friends :)

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