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ShadyDevil's blog

2:48 AM on 11.10.2013

Call Of Duty: Ghosts- Little Tweaks To Multiplayer That I <3

Well, critically Call Of Duty: Ghosts has been a mixed bag leaning towards the ...FUUUUCK that type of reaction. Despite that, the game has gone on out even outsell the almighty Grand Theft Auto V for 24 hour sales. Which is almost sad because GTA V was much more of leap than Ghosts is. 

No More Pop Up Stats
Remember when you hit SELECT on your controller and the stats page for everyone in the room would show up right there in the middle of the god damn screen? Well not anymore, now a simple tap extends the room list to the top right of your screen where your KDA Showcase is and it stays there as long as you want it. SELECT again to close it. Pretty neat and very streamlined.

Top Right KDA Showcase
This goes with the above sort-of because they reworked the HUD. I mean granted, it can feel cluttered at times but it fits nicely and its very small and it tells you your Kills, Deaths and Assists. 

Granted, this is more than likely everyone's new favorite but I mean it IS pretty awesome. Male,female whatever you want. I haven't even figured out how to do a female in Battlefield 4 yet but Ghosts makes it so easy and simple. What's not to love? Well besides the fact you start out with the bare minimum until you get a good way into it. 

Mute All-Within The Game
Mute all is great when someone's mic is messing up or if you just don't feel like hearing the crap on the mic. I think its pretty cool that they allowed users to select it within the game by going to the pause menu instead of individually having to mute everyone when within the game.

This is all I got so far. So I figured I would post it up anyways for the community. I think its pretty good so far, been playing it on 360 & PS3 (Primarily). Very much enjoying it. As I type I am downloading Patch 1.03 on PS3. Boom. Feedback welcome :)   read

2:03 AM on 11.09.2013

Niche Games That Continue To Get Sequels

This one is just me spurting out stuff late at night I am not going to go into detail about each one as I see you guys as a group of well rounded gamers that know your shit. Simple as that so you can figure out what I mean on your own, so this is primarily a feedback session on if you agree or what.

Disgaea- I will speak about this one because simply it is what keeps NIS America alive it seems. They continue to go back to this well, and surprisingly they continue to find new stuff that is interesting enough to warrant a purchase. (Haven't played D2 yet). 

Hot Shots Golf

Armored Core

Sonic Games period... 

Harvest Moon

Kinect Sports Games

PES -Lets be honest, everyone loves FIFA way more. All PES can do is attempt to keep up.

Again, I am sure there are more, if you can think of any (besides COD which doesn't count since it is a universal game that tops sales charts every time.) I am looking for games that don't normally hit the top of the sales charts but make enough I guess to warrant a sequel or semi-yearly iteration.   read

10:59 AM on 11.08.2013

More About Me

Since the first post went off rather well and I personally am not used to getting feedback at all, let alone positive ones. I was rather happy. So I thank you for the warm welcome. 

So I decided to continue with more about my gaming past, again I game on just about every platform I can get my hands on. I haven't taken the plunge to the Wii U yet (seems not many have), however I am contemplating it seeing that my local Gamestop has a used model. I have very different tastes than most, I enjoy the occasional JRPG like Disgaea or Ar Tonelico Qoga, but I also enjoy western RPG's like Kingdoms Of Amalur (RIP 30 Studios), and Elder Scrolls. I enjoy all types of shooters as well from Halo, and Gears to Bioshock and Call of Duty.

If I had to pick the one game that really stood out for me from this last generation, it would have to be a tie between Bioshock 1 & The Last Of Us. Few games have brought us a gripping narrative as those two titles along with the twist on both ends of the spectrum. 

My favorite genre has to be open-world or Sandbox (depending on how you take your gaming) I rather just call it open-world as Sandbox gives the idea of GTA immediately but it doesn't have to be third person, case in point-Far Cry 2/ Far Cry 3, two amazing titles. Also I consider Burnout Paradise, and Forza Horizon open-world. As far as MMO's go, I find them hard to get into because I am such an avid gamer, shortly after it releases I find myself wanting to play a game that comes out the week after, which was the case with FFXIV. 

Since I believe I suck at inserting photos (didn't work out well for me last time), I will link a few of my writing samples if that is okay with you guys :). Feel free to check them out and I would love to hear feedback from it. A few of these might be 'controversial' as i felt they were good games in their own right and I believe reviews are ones opinion conveyed.

Do enjoy and I will appreciate feedback good or bad. :) 

PS: Can anyone help me with the categories thing? When would I want to use the other categories other than "personal blog entry"? Thanks.   read

2:28 AM on 11.07.2013

Hello Dtoid.

Well, a little about me is simple I suppose. I live in Nevada, with my girlfriend and our daughter Alice. I wrote for TheGamersHub for the past five years where I was the US Editor and enjoyed my time there but decided to take a little time off for myself and family as well as catch up on the unavoidable backlog of games. 

I am a lover of videogames to the hardest extent, I will not classify myself as a 'hardcore' gamer as I feel that has been slightly overused. I am a fan of all types of games and genre's and I enjoy both COD and Battlefield as well as both Playstation and Microsoft consoles. I own both handheld devices (3DS/Vita respectively). There just is a too many good games in general to go nitpicking and choosing sides. I feel that if you are a gamer, there shouldn't have to be an invisible line you make for yourself that you will not cross. :) 

The reason I came here to Dtoid and decided to finally sign up and write this blog; well I have always read the site and enjoy their no-nonsense handling of news, reviews and the like. I always felt it was a gimmick but after closer observation I see that they are the real deal and that is something this industry needs more of, is honesty and less sugar-coating. I am writing this blog simply because I also love to write and I guess this is a good way to pass some time and let my imagination run rampant on here. 

Now the suggestion says that I should include a photo to possibly gain more people to like it...but I don't really care if anyone reads it. Ah well, what can it hurt.

Well that is that. It is a pleasure to meet all of you and I look to make some friends :)   read

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