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Shadowiii avatar 10:04 AM on 01.24.2012  (server time)
Nathan vs Video Games: Week in Review 1/15/2012

Welcome to "Week in Review," where I summarize what went down this last week on Nathan Vs. Video Games, my attempt to review every single game I've ever played. Yeah. It's gonna take a while (especially since I'm still playing games currently).

I started off by trying to just do one game a day, but soon realized that would mean I'd be somewhere around the age of 50 by the time I finished. So now I'm doing two a day, with the possibility of speeding it up once I finish with the current novel I'm writing. I'm going to try and do one retro game and one modern game a day, though I make no promises to me following this system with exactness.

This week I reviewed 16 games, putting the total reviewed at 21. Not a bad start, all things considered.

Here are the links to these reviews with my blurb scores following.

Viking: Battle for Asgard - 2 / 5 Stars
Rayman: Origins - 5 / 5 Stars
Limbo - 4 / 5 Stars
3-D World Runner - 4 / 5 Stars
Lost Odyssey - 4 / 5 Stars
Legendary Wings - 4 / 5 Stars
The Binding of Isaac - 5 / 5 Stars
Parasite Eve - 4 / 5 Stars
Metro 2033 - 3 / 5 Stars
Protect Me Knight - 5 / 5 Stars
Resident Evil 5 - 3 / 5 Stars
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock - 1 / 5 Stars
PowerGig: Rise of the SixString - 0 / 5 Stars
The Rise of the Argonauts - 4 / 5 Stars
To The Moon - 3 / 5 Stars
Dead Space - 5 / 5 Stars

So far I've been mostly reviewing either Xbox 360 or PC games, which makes sense since those are probably the systems I've played the most on (except I should probably add the PS2 and SNES as close runners-up). This week I will try to get more SNES and PS2 reviews for you, with plans for Earthworm Jim, Persona 3: FES, and others already in the works.

Also expect a massive review of Nier one of these days, though it might get an entire day to itself considering how long it will end up being.

Thanks for reading, and please share! I might also try to compile a list of every game I plan to review for next week (hint: it'll be massive) so I can directly tick off reviews and you can watch my slow progress to the end.

Have a great week!

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