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Shadowdun avatar 12:52 AM on 06.02.2011  (server time)
Over 99 PC Games and 20 console games. The List.

This isn't how many games I have, but more of a challenge to myself. I'll explain, I have this bad habit of buying a game and not finishing it. I would leave it halfway done and walk away to another game. Especially since since I became a frequent user of steam, it's gotten even worse. The deals on steam are killers on my game count. Which isn't a bad thing but I never feel like I'll get through this huge list of games. So I've finally decided to do something about it. I'm going to play every single one of these games until I've beaten it. This is a list of the self imposed rules.

1. Each game has to beaten or achieve at least 10 hours of actual game time. (The time limit will be used for games without traditional endings puzzle, music, some casual games.) (Timers will be used) Pause breaks don't count as game time. At least 300 words per mini review.
2. For each game I beat and/or I achieve fifteen hours worth of game time, I write a mini-review on my thoughts and Ideas for the game.
3.I have to play one game at a time. No switching.
4.Playing at a friend's home doesn't count to the list. I have to be at home to accomplish any progress. (Playing with friends at friend's home negates the list and I can play what I wish but once back home it's off to the grind stone.)
5.Walkthroughs are OK but only sparingly, to get past troubling spots or annoying areas. Using glitches or cheats are strictly prohibited.
6. Buying new games will be added to the list. Not allowed to play immediately. Unless it's alphabetically next of the list or it's my "Pick One"
7. For every three games I beat I'm allowed one "Pick One". This mean I can choose what game I get to play. (The "Pick One" doesn't roll over and I can't save em up.)
8. For my "Pick One" I can choose previous beaten games under the condition I have to beat them under a higher difficulty. If there is no higher difficulty I will come up with up to three self imposed rules.( for example: only pistols, no healing, saving only every three hours, no auto save, etc.)
9.Punishments- (for breaking any of the rules I'm unsure about the consequences but if anyone has any ideas let me know.)
10. The list will be played by alphabetical order. Since most of my games are already sorted in that manner it will be the easiest.
11. Real time stats will be taken to measure time played of each game and how much time total taken.
12. Requests can be made for the next game I play but only If I already own the game or it's reasonable purchase. (If someone really wants me to play a game they can buy it for me and I'll put it immediately next on the list.Though I doubt it'll come to that.)
13. If I've only gotten through a part way of a game previous to the list then I have to start over.
14. If I've already beaten a certain game on a different platform, it can be dropped from the list.

Edit: I've changed the time limit to puzzle, music, casual games to 10 hours. 15 seemed excessive for simple games like that especially if they don't have a traditional ending. It's also for my sanity I don't want to start hating a game because I've played it too much and 10 seems like a good round number.

These are the rules so far. This is barely the beginning so I don't know what things will come up so I'll update the rules as necessary. And as for my first game it's "1... 2... 3... Kick It! (Drop that beat like an Ugly Baby)." I'll make a list of the games on the list and what platform they are on at a later time. If you want to keep track of my progress my Steam ID, Gamer Tag, PSN ID are all Shadowdun. I'll be using my twitter too, to make mini updates. (Yes, Twitter.) It's also Shadowdun (who would have guessed). So follow me if you like. Tomorrow will be my first day with this List. Hopefully I wont quit half way through like with most of my games. That would be a bit Ironic if I did though, hmm.

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