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I like really gay music.

I've always been into uplifting/epic/anthem trance but I have a soft spot for the pop stuff as well... I remember listening to the Vengaboys a ton back in the day while I was still in school with my friends...good times. I ...


Real men use items. (Smash Bros.)

I've always been an item user in Smash Bros., it makes the game way more fun. I hate people who bitch about always turning items off so things are "balanced". They also love banning levels. Fuck that, real men adapt to the situation as it evolves, and it appears that they're right there with us:


Tay Zonday is made of epic win. (Cherry Chocolate Rain)

I'm glad this guy is seeing some success, he has balls. I think the video is downright hilarious and I give him major props for making fun of some of his own stuff during the video. The squirrel scene was pretty damn funny too. It's amazing how the internet can make people rise so fast. Apparently the video was sponsored by Dr. Pepper and I'm assuming he got paid good money for this. Enjoy:


About ShadowXORone of us since 11:48 PM on 12.26.2006

I've never really filled out the section that asks me to describe myself, but I'm making an exception here because Destructoid is so awesome, and the column on the right looks so damn empty without something here. I'm just another guy on the internet who plays lots of games while trying to make something of myself.

You can find many of my posts at my own gaming site http://www.loneshadow.com/

Feel free to join the forums at http://forums.loneshadow.com/

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