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6:28 PM on 12.27.2007

The next Zelda game will be 2D/3D/cel-shaded.

Remember folks, you heard it here first. I guess Surfer Girl was actually correct in a way when she stated this about the new Street Fighter. Street Fighter IV has 3D graphics, but the gameplay is 2D, while the graphics are somewhat cel-shaded. I don't know if it was a lucky guess or what but it was correct. Now the funny thing is, why the hell can't she articulate herself better?

Look at one of her latest quotes:

SSX 5 is dead, rivalry between fall 2008 PS360 snowboarding titles of Montreal studios still existent.

Now is it just me or is she speaking a different language? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think she's attempting to speak English. She writes about one sentence on each game so is it really too much to ask that it's readable? I think I may have interpreted what she was saying but I can't really be sure due to the ambiguousness of it all, but perhaps that is where her power lies. Her method generally seems similar to a fortune teller, if you give out information that is generic enough, you're going to get lucky. Plus, people generally try and grasp at making ridiculous connections to believe in such crazy things. If just a few of the many things she claims turns out to be accurate, tons of people will be grasping to her as if she was the Messiah, begging to know if Mega Man is in Brawl. Granted, I could have easily guessed many of the things she claims to know.

I don't know about you but I'm not holding my breath. If she is a fake though, she sure is putting a lot of effort into this. But if she isn't a fake, why is she doing this? What could she possibly gain from any of this?   read

3:06 AM on 12.21.2007

I like really gay music.

I've always been into uplifting/epic/anthem trance but I have a soft spot for the pop stuff as well... I remember listening to the Vengaboys a ton back in the day while I was still in school with my friends...good times. I just now went to YouTube and watched one of their music video and damn was it horrible. Not only is the video just plain bad but the lip-syncing makes me cringe. Take a look for yourself:


This is probably one of the least embarrassing songs that I've listened to, yes I'm THAT bad. At least I'm man enough to fess up to it. I've walked in on my friends listening to some pretty lame shit and then I get to hear all the excuses. LOL Though I do like some real shit as well like Brian Transeau, Brainbug, Armin van Buuren, DJ TiŽsto, etc.

The music scene is so crazy though that no matter what you like someone else will call you out on it and say that you're lame because people have such different tastes. By the way, if you're like me and you're too lazy to research music but you want to find new songs you like, try Pandora Radio. Basically you enter the name of a song or artist you like and it will suggest other music that you would like and actually plays it for you. You can give songs the thumbs up or thumbs down to have it tune more finely into your tastes. It's a really great site:

Pandora Radio

You won't regret checking it out. I've found some great music on there. It's too hard to find stuff I like since I have such specific tastes. Tell me how you guys like it!   read

3:42 PM on 12.11.2007

A serious question about life, time, and work, inspired by Passage.

Thanks to Reverend Anthony's article about the indie game Passage, I began trying to figure out what I want out of life. Now technically speaking, I know what I want out of life. I want to have lots of expensive things, travel the world, play tons of games, never work a day in my life, and just generally enjoy myself. See the problem is, life doesn't give you what you want, so you have to make some compromises. That's the problem I'm facing. Also, let me apologize in advance because serious post is serious.

Personally, I'm disgusted that we spend eight hours per day (on average, sometimes more) doing something that we don't want to do just so we can afford to survive. So that is where my question comes in:

Would you rather work at a job you hate to make good money, or work at a job you love while making mediocre money?

I thought I knew the answer to that, but apparently I don't. I always thought the money would be worth it because it lowers stress (no financial burdens, can do the things you want, etc.) but when you think about it, a job you hate also raises your stress levels. Who has fun wasting eight hours per day, basically throwing it into a meat grinder, trading your time for a piece of paper? Not many people. Now that I think about it, if I'm going to be spending my time somewhere, I damn well better be enjoying it. I've always wanted to get into the gaming industry but I never thought I'd bother trying because it seems so difficult. I'm starting to think I better try though, because when I imagine spending the rest of my life working some menial, unrewarding job it just depresses the hell out of me. Life is already short enough as it why should I be spending five days out of seven attending a voluntary prison of sorts.

A user by the name of saysay posted this excellent picture in his comment on the good Reverend's article that really struck a chord with me:

That picture really gets down to brass tacks doesn't it?

I'm going to go for it, I'm going for a career in writing about my passion, gaming. I feel I'm a competent writer, it's time for me to take some classes, keep playing games, and write, write, write, write, write. I'm currently 23 so I've hopefully got a ways to go...but I need to stop wasting my time and go for it.

This post may not be what you have come to expect from the C-Blogs, but occasionally a wonderful work of art such as Passage really makes you think. I would like anyone who is willing to answer the question above. I'd love to hear your views on this. Thanks for reading this far (both of you). And now, I leave you with this inspirational quote:

Michael, we don't have a lot of time on this earth! We weren't meant to spend it this way. Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about about mission statements. - Peter Gibbons from Office Space   read

12:12 AM on 12.05.2007

Any Deus Ex fan owes it to themselves to play Vampire: The Masquerade Ė Bloodlines.

Wow, this game is great. I meant to play it a while ago but I never got around to it. For those of you interested in getting it you can subscribe to IGN for a year (priced at $19.99) and get the game for free with it, or buy it off Steam for the same price but with no IGN subscription.

Basically, for fans of Deus Ex this game has a ton of similarities. I'd say I'm maybe 25% of the way through the game right now and while it isn't quite as good as the original Deus Ex, it is MUCH better than the sequel to Deus Ex (Invisible War). This is definitely a fantastic game.

You choose to be a male or female out of a number of different vampire clans. Depending on what clan you choose they have inherent benefits and drawbacks. I just picked the one that looked and sounded coolest. You have a ton of different skills that are raised via experience points (just like Deus Ex) though the stats are actually more complicated, similar to System Shock 2 where you have a lot more to choose from. You get experience points for doing the main quests as well as the many side quests. It has huge dialog trees just like Deus Ex where your decisions affect what you're doing in the game. It is built on Valve's Source engine (Half-Life 2) so it looks and runs pretty well. You definitely have a lot of choices like Deus Ex, multiple paths to take, a ton of optional content, you can be stealth, direct, etc. I'm generally not too into vampires but if you are this game is even better since there is tons of storyline and shit revolving around the vampires. Your abilities (which depend on what kind of vampire you are) use blood every time you cast one so you need to feed off of people (but don't get caught). I invested in the seduction skill so you can go to night clubs and feed in public if you seduce them, which makes people think you're just making out or something so you get away with it.

The game is really bad ass. There doesn't seem to be much ammo for the guns so melee (at this point) seems much more viable since it does just as much damage and doesn't take ammo. Deus Ex had pretty vanilla melee, you didn't really do much. It's a little bit different in this game, you can perform stealth kills, and when you are in a regular battle you just kind of mash on the button to do combos and it's almost like a hack and slash game. It's a little better than what Deus Ex had for melee but not by a lot. You can play in first or third person. I play in first person except when fighting with melee, in which you are required to be in the third person, I would prefer it that way anyway though.

The guns (the few times I've used them) work similar to Deus Ex. Your accuracy is pretty bad until you raise your firearms skill, so I haven't used it much yet due to limited ammo. For the price you really can't beat this game, if you're a fan of Deus Ex definitely pick this up, it's low priced, fun, and I love all the great dialog options. Honestly at times it feels like you are playing Deus Ex, this game has a ton of similarities and even looks like it sometimes. This game is a real treat and I'm savoring every moment.

Oh, and it has a scary ass level in it...I nearly shit my pants, but what's new? Also, be sure and get one of the two patches available. The developers went out of business before they could patch it up completely properly so fans have made a massive patch for this game, you can find them both on the Wikipedia page.

There is one patch that just fixes everything returning it to the way the developers intended, while the other is a massive patch that includes removed content the developers left on the disk (voice overs, quests, etc.). So one patch is the regular game working flawlessly, while the other is almost like a "Director's Cut". I'm going to save the "Director's Cut" for my second play through.   read

1:14 AM on 12.03.2007

Real men use items. (Smash Bros.)

I've always been an item user in Smash Bros., it makes the game way more fun. I hate people who bitch about always turning items off so things are "balanced". They also love banning levels. Fuck that, real men adapt to the situation as it evolves, and it appears that they're right there with us:


7:13 PM on 11.30.2007

Questioning Leigh Alexander's Fire Emblem review.

Here at Destructoid they like to talk about paying more attention to the text rather than just the final score of a review. Well I did, and I have a bigger problem with the text than the score. While I find the game is MUCH better than a 5.0, that isn't the focus of this article either. I'm a huge fan of Destructoid but I have to call this one out. Leigh Alexander's Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn review seems way off and I'm here to explain why. I argued in the review's original post about how lame it is having someone who hates strategy games review this game, but that isn't the subject of this post. I am not a huge strategy fan either (though I certainly don't hate them). The only strategies games I've ever played are Final Fantasy Tactics, which I loved, and Advance Wars, which is a great game but I didn't enjoy it at all.

I've never played a Fire Emblem game period. So I decided to pick it up because I figured if I liked FFT there has to be another strategy game out there that I'll like. The text Leigh wrote touches on so little of the game it's unbelievable. Everything she brings up happens in the first five minutes of the game. I'm not saying she needs to include spoilers, but she doesn't even discuss more advanced mechanics that are introduced within the first HOUR of the game. I e-mailed her days ago asking her what chapter she made it to and got no response, she never replied to that very same question in the review's comments either.

Maybe it's just me but I believe a reviewer should complete a game before reviewing it, and either Leigh didn't come close to finishing this game, or she wrote a very poor review that was very sparse on details. She doesn't cover many major aspects of the game which leaves me wondering how much of it she experienced. While the story is no masterpiece, it certainly isn't nearly as bad as she says, but I guess that is subject to opinion. Not to mention this is a sequel so she is missing out on additional depth by not having played the original game. Is that the game's fault? No. After hearing all this nonsense of the Wii having no titles for "hardcore gamers", I found it pretty shocking seeing her complain about the difficulty and how characters dies permanently. Well that is why you use the RESCUE command and you can safely take wounded soldiers away, that's part of the "strategy" in the game. I'm not sure what mode she was playing but she should have played on easy and watched all of the tutorials. The game is definitely challenging, but we need challenging games. She says that the challenge makes you not care about your characters or putting together a competent team, when it did quite the opposite with me. The game is so challenging that you MUST pay complete attention to your characters if you want to win.

I am not by any means a "stat-obsessed, detail-oriented resource manager". I'm just a guy that likes good games. I really don't see how this game could earn any less than a 7.0 (yes, even on the Destructoid scale) by even the most jaded gamer. I personally would give it somewhere around an 8.5 at least. Destructoid is all about honesty and free speech, and I found that review very suspect. As I said, either she didn't play a whole lot of the game or she was VERY light on details in that review. I may not always agree with Reverend Anthony's SCORES, but his TEXT is always right on and full of substance. I by no means dislike Leigh, or hold any grudge, but I had to bring this up. Hell, I think Destructoid would be proud, this is what the blogs and community are for, discussion. Perhaps Destructoid could offer "counter-reviews" posted by the community (only including well written ones, of course) since it seems that having multiple editors review each game isn't really possible since they have to purchase all additional copies (and sometimes even the original copy). I'm just throwing some ideas out there. I'd love to hear what you guys think about all this. I also heard that Nintendo is going to pull their advertising unless Leigh Alexander is fired as an example to all (ironically yes, this site does or did have advertisements for Radiant Dawn).   read

10:13 PM on 11.28.2007

Tay Zonday is made of epic win. (Cherry Chocolate Rain)

I'm glad this guy is seeing some success, he has balls. I think the video is downright hilarious and I give him major props for making fun of some of his own stuff during the video. The squirrel scene was pretty damn funny too. It's amazing how the internet can make people rise so fast. Apparently the video was sponsored by Dr. Pepper and I'm assuming he got paid good money for this. Enjoy:

[embed]56518:5217[/embed]   read

3:11 PM on 11.24.2007

Clearing up misconceptions regarding use of the Zapper in Umbrella Chronicles.

I see people complaining about two things and I'm hear to clear them up. In my opinion using the Wii Zapper is the ONLY way to enjoy this fantastic game. Here are the only two complaints I see, and I'm going to follow them with the solution.

Problem: People complaining about needing to hit the A button, which is on top of the Wii Zapper.

Solution: Go to the controls menu and there is a special Zapper control option where you use the Nunchuck. Then all of your controls will be easily accessible and it does not use the A button at all.

Problem: Shaking the Nunchuck for knife use, reloading, etc. is a pain with the Zapper.

Solution: If you check out your Zapper instructions it shows that some games are designed to be played with the Nunchuck NOT attached to the Zapper, this game is one of them (as showed in the safety warning when you boot up the game). Take the Nunchuck OUT of the Zapper and you will have no problems.

If you do these two things I see no reason why someone wouldn't want to use the Zapper. If you don't, that's fine. But anyone who complains about any of the two problems stated above is not using the device properly. I even saw "professional" gaming publications complaining about these two things and I'm shocked that people are so dense. I find the Zapper helps steady my aim, feels better, and of course you get to use a trigger which is much nicer.   read

6:11 PM on 11.19.2007

Microsoft had sex with me against my will.

That is also known as being RAPED. I just tracked my 360 (this is the SECOND one that has died on me) to find out it was shipped 3-Day Select. Fantastic, I should have it Thursday! Oh wait, that is Thanks-fucking-giving. UPS doesn't work Thanksgiving, or the day after. Then it won't be delivered on Saturday or Sunday.

That means Microsoft just fucked my four-day weekend right in the ass. My anus is pouring blood right now. I already have all 120 stars in Mario Galaxy so I'm royally fucked. I called UPS and offered them money to expedite it and they wouldn't even do it...what the hell is wrong with them. They said if I'm lucky it MIGHT arrive at the sorting facility on Wednesday and I could go pick it up (which I would happily do).

Not to mention I threw out my DVD player since the 360 is a much more capable player so I also lose my DVD player when this pile of shit goes down. I love it when it works but fuck I've been without it 10% of the time I've owned it because it just loves showing me the Red Goatse of Death.   read

8:57 PM on 10.31.2007

Want a terrifying game to play for Halloween, how about a free one?

This is an amazing game developed by one guy as a modification for the original Half-Life. Just about everyone owns Half-Life and can run it well so you should all be able to enjoy this. This is actually the "Director's Cut" which is an improved and redesigned version of the original mod. He actually had help from one other person for this one. I played through the original and I'm about to start playing this (it was just released today).

Don't think that it won't be scary just because the graphics aren't high-end. Trust me, this game will scare the shit out of you. I'm a huge Silent Hill fan and this game feels like a Silent Hill FPS (with more action and less fetch puzzles). This guy is amazing. If you're a fan of horror you owe it to yourself to play this. You will not regret it. The game is actually pretty long...I'd say at least as long as your average Silent Hill (or close to it). I really loved every aspect of the game, and the fact that one person was so talented to make it is absolutely shocking. I suggest you dive right in. You can also see a trailer on their ModDB profile. I would love if a Destructoid editor would pimp this game because it really deserves it.   read

2:25 AM on 10.17.2007

Does anyone have any connections to a NOA employee?

If anyone knows an official Nintendo of America employee (even a call center worker) that could hook me up with a chance to play Smash Bros. Brawl that would be great. I'm a huge fan of the original but I didn't like Melee. There are a lot of people like me (though they are still a quiet minority) and I wanted to write up a large article for that group of fans. We want to know how it compares to the original and Melee, but no one focuses on that. I live near their Redmond, WA headquarters and I know that anyone can play as there is a demo unit located there that any worker is free to play. I know a few temporary employees but they can't bring a visitor. I doubt I'll have any luck, but this is a desperate plea for help, any takers?   read

1:07 AM on 10.17.2007

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: ShadowXOR

I'm going to go ahead and take a moment to introduce myself. I just started posting on the community blogs out of nowhere, but what good does that do anyone? Who's the man behind the avatar? I recently introduced myself on the forums so I figured now would be a good time to do the same on my community blog.

I'm a pretty heavy gamer into virtually every genre. I own every system EXCEPT a PS3 (by choice). I'm here at Destructoid because they deliver all the gaming news you could want, with some added spice, comedy and a bit of their personal opinion. What more could you ask for? I've been reading since almost the beginning, but only became an active member recently.

I guess you could say I'm an aspiring writer, but I really have no idea what the hell I want to do or how good I am at the things that I am doing. I can confirm that I'm good at wasting time. I use ShadowXOR for virtually everything (AIM, Xbox Live, Xfire, etc.) so if you want to add me I'll gladly spank you at your game of choice. I'm a big fan of Team Fortress 2, TrackMania, a ton of Half-Life mods, Call of Duty 4, etc. For the record I find Halo to be a very boring, generic game so don't bother asking about that one! :) I'm glad to be here and I'm having a great time actually getting some feedback when I write a blog post. I had a great time with Friday Night Fights last weekend and I'll definitely be in on the TF2 this weekend (for PC).   read

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