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ShadowXOR's blog

10:09 AM on 01.10.2008

Any other third-party characters coming to Brawl?

If I recall correctly, Sakurai said there would be a max of three third-party characters in Brawl since he wanted to keep the focus on Nintendo. We already have two characters that are pretty epic...will there be a third? P...   read

4:45 PM on 01.07.2008

Devil May Cry 4 REQUIRES a 5GB installation.

Let me just put it out there, I'm a big fan of the 360 and not of the PS3. Now that we've gotten that out of the way I still like to discuss the pros and cons each system has with as little bias as possible. No matter whi...   read

9:47 AM on 12.31.2007

Downloadable content coming to the Nintendo DS.

According to The New York Times, the DS will be getting downloadable content via the Wii. The article is mostly just fluff about sales numbers, the rise of the DS, basic functionality that we all know, etc. I was aware th...   read

1:54 PM on 12.28.2007

An updated Metal Slug 3 coming to XBLA.

I'm a huge fan of XBLA since the games are cheap, fun, beautiful, and I can buy them at midnight while sitting on my couch naked. Can anything beat that? I think not. While I'm getting kind of burnt on Metal Slug...this really appeals to me due to the ease of use that Xbox Live provides. You can see the full story here:   read

1:29 PM on 12.28.2007

FNF - Call of Duty 4 (360)

OK guys cut me a little slack here...I played the CoD4 beta and absolutely loved it but I didn't pick the game up until last weekend. Normally I'm on my PC playing TF2 but I'm kind of burnt and I want to get it on the CoD4 a...   read

10:39 AM on 12.28.2007

Smash Bros. Dojo will be taking a holiday break.

I'm not sure when this was posted but I just noticed it. The daily updates for Smash Bros. will be on a temporary hiatus as of right now. At least I'll be able to go to bed earlier instead of waiting for these things every ...   read

6:28 PM on 12.27.2007

The next Zelda game will be 2D/3D/cel-shaded.

Remember folks, you heard it here first. I guess Surfer Girl was actually correct in a way when she stated this about the new Street Fighter. Street Fighter IV has 3D graphics, but the gameplay is 2D, while the graphics are...   read

3:06 AM on 12.21.2007

I like really gay music.

I've always been into uplifting/epic/anthem trance but I have a soft spot for the pop stuff as well... I remember listening to the Vengaboys a ton back in the day while I was still in school with my friends...good times. I ...   read

3:42 PM on 12.11.2007

A serious question about life, time, and work, inspired by Passage.

Thanks to Reverend Anthony's article about the indie game Passage, I began trying to figure out what I want out of life. Now technically speaking, I know what I want out of life. I want to have lots of expensive things, tra...   read

12:12 AM on 12.05.2007

Any Deus Ex fan owes it to themselves to play Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines.

Wow, this game is great. I meant to play it a while ago but I never got around to it. For those of you interested in getting it you can subscribe to IGN for a year (priced at $19.99) and get the game for free with it, or bu...   read

1:14 AM on 12.03.2007

Real men use items. (Smash Bros.)

I've always been an item user in Smash Bros., it makes the game way more fun. I hate people who bitch about always turning items off so things are "balanced". They also love banning levels. Fuck that, real men adapt to the situation as it evolves, and it appears that they're right there with us:   read

7:13 PM on 11.30.2007

Questioning Leigh Alexander's Fire Emblem review.

Here at Destructoid they like to talk about paying more attention to the text rather than just the final score of a review. Well I did, and I have a bigger problem with the text than the score. While I find the game is MUCH...   read

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