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Good Idea, Bad Idea - Multiplayer

Now, either it was such total shit it didn't even deserve a comment of "this is total shit" or it was just bypassed by everyone; passed off as garbage intermingled in the other c-blogs of the day. Either way, it doesn't seem...


About ShadeWithinone of us since 12:54 PM on 01.29.2008

Shane, I play video games. Learned how to read playing video games, my imagination developed alongside video games. RPGs are my absolute favorite, the thoughtful, innovative kind... or just the kind with a fuckload of characters... Suikoden anyone? Guitar Hero 2 and 3 are my newest shit, just started training for Dragonforce on Expert. I write in sporadic dialects, so forgive the thug/southern/educated fluctuations, that's just how I roll. Also if you couldn't tell, I enjoy anime, namely Naruto atm. If my laptop could handle WoW it would probably be sucking away my life right now, fortunately I can only play Diablo II, so the life-leeching is restricted.

Top 10 Games that I can think of right now, in no particular order:
1) Suikoden II
2) FF V, VI, X, XII, Tactics
3) Champions: Return to Arms
4) Baldur's Gate II (PC)
5) Valkyrie Profile
6) Ogre Battle
7) Chrono Trigger
8) Kingdom Hearts I
9) Guitar Hero II, III
10) Symphony of the Night

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