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ShR3D's blog

10:04 PM on 09.01.2009

PAX is almost here.... And I cant wait

After waiting many months PAX is finally here again, and I couldent be more excited. This thursday my friend and I are going to be driveing out from Montana to Seattle to go to the Penny Arcade expo. We have our three day pass and are going to try and do as much as possible, by attending as many panels as we can includeing of course the Dtoid panels and many others. Also we are going to try and play or see all the games they have to offer, so its going to be a very busy and extremely fun weekend. During or after PAX I will also be posting some text and or video blogs about some of my thoughts about PAX also about intresting panels and of course impressions of games (No More Heroes 2!). Also I might go into more detail in the Podcast. Im very excited to meet some of you Dtoiders there even though I am still kind of new to this site, it will be intresting.

-Peace   read

1:24 AM on 08.24.2009

Mode7 Podcast Episode 5

This is the come back of the EPIC Mode7 Podcast type thing. By four Giant Bomb community members DeVeAn, ShR3D, JonnyAvacado, and UncleJohn. In this episode we talk about the upcoming games this holiday season. And also our thoughts on the console wars. Make sure to listen to the last 20 min or so that is when it is most interesting. Enjoy!   read

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