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Gears, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Condemned.
*Now with PS3 action!

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and bought a Play Station 3 today. I was looking for a good value and saw Circuit City was offering a free sony controller with the new price so I went with that. Though I got another $50 off when I ordered from Circuit City's site for an in store pick-up. My gf has one of those local Entertainment Book deals so I clicked from their site to CC to get a 10 percent off Merchandise card. (that I won't receive til later on...hopefully)

Now the CC site already had the PS3 in the cart with a free controller from when I was looking at it earlier.(Price: $532.50 with tax) In my mind I was thinking the 10% should have been applied so I clicked backed a few pages, and when I went to go check out the controller was gone and the system was now down to $450. So I said screw it, I'll wait for a 2nd controller with rumble anyway, and snag it. Total was $479.25 tax included. Plus the 5 free blue ray movies also added to the deal. (Going back to CC's site just now, I experimented with removing the controller again, but the price still remained around $532 so I lucked out I guess)

Few things that bother me are that A) the triggers on the controller...suck. They feel like mush. B) The PSN Store needs to be a little bit easier to navigate like Xbox live. C) Why do the downloads seem like they take forever? and then I have to install the demos? Come on now, let's pick up the pace here D) I want to be able to customize the background a little more even if it's cheesy themes like MS has. Okay, that's one more then a few, but it's close enough.
Overall, I'm satisfied with the purchase and should be buying an HDMI cable for $10 from a friend. BTW, do not spend $100 on an hdmi. Go to monoprice here and scroll down for better deals:

Seems like they're addressing a lot of the issues with the first game. The first being getting rid of the "hold my hand" aspect in the forensics areas.

Can't wait for this. I loved the first one.

Check out the video here.