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SeymourDuncan17's blog

5:02 PM on 12.11.2015

Seymour's GOTY blog has lots of pretty pictures!

...   read

9:44 AM on 11.24.2015


For a quick while, we must take a step back. Let us stop talking about horse dongs and video games and focus all attention on me for I've had a birthday this day! Or, so I would be saying if it were actually technically my bi...   read

12:51 AM on 11.12.2015

I forced Walter White into a Boston apocalypse and took some HOT screens

Holy shit, did I both love and hate this part.I tried, once again, to finish Fallout 3 and days before 4's launch. This time, it seemed actually somewhat possible that it would be able to hold my interest, if, for nothing els...   read

9:02 AM on 10.31.2015

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween, most enjoy the Skittles and the KitKats. The costumes and spooks. Us? We may enjoy some Halloween-ish video games. Play some Left 4 Dead 2 co-op, speedrun Resident Evil, catch up on the SOMA hype... or we may j...   read

4:03 AM on 10.06.2015


Even if you're new, you probably know I'm a huge Persona fan. Heck, if you met me just today, I probably wore my Investigation Team tee to break the ice.The more and more I think about it, Persona 4: Golden, specifically, may...   read

7:00 PM on 09.13.2015

Alamo City Comic-Con was better than infinite ice cream minus the fat/diabetes

Last year, I went to my first ever convention: the Alamo City Comic-Con. I got to meet plenty of fellow dorks, famous faces, and spend way too much money. It was such a wonderful social experience and to say that it was life...   read

1:39 AM on 09.07.2015

Fallout 4's radio sets could use at least one of these swell diddies

Disclosure for the ethics: You are not reading a blog done up by a Fallout veteran or even by someone who's finished a single one. However, that doesn't mean I can't speak about them! Who are you to stop me? Unless you're a ...   read

3:10 AM on 08.25.2015

A Persona 4: Golden post-mortem (SPOILERS like you wouldn't believe)

Holy mackerel! Inconceivable, even, I thought a time or two along the way. But, an almost 2 month long, accumilated 200+ hour journey has finally come to an end. Persona 4: Golden has been concured.  Not many games woul...   read

1:08 AM on 08.09.2015

We're all just dust in the wind

Destructoid. Baby. We need to talk. Big time.  But, as to not dampen the mood anymore than it already has been, I will be spacing out this piece with pictures of komodo dragons and Persona music. Because both those thing...   read

7:34 PM on 08.04.2015

LUMP isn't very good. So I searched for my favorite things on FurAffinity.

Life has been finally moving along this past week, which means I do have stuff to do, but I'm reluctant to move as fast as possible. So, rather than begin my online driving courses like a responsible adult, I just gave this ...   read

1:04 PM on 07.13.2015

Better With Cage: A brilliant baby

It's 1999. Well, not actually. What I mean is that I want you to imagine that year. It was like a whole damned century ago, but bare with me. This was about half a century before Cage set the industry ablaze and we all prete...   read

7:19 AM on 07.11.2015

Seymour's Cosplay Bucket List

Last year, I took a lousy step forward into the world of cosplaying at my local Comic-Con. I paled in comparison to about 90% of my fellow attendees, but it was a huge eye-opener. To quickly summarize, it was almost as if I ...   read

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