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SeymourDuncan17 avatar 3:11 AM on 02.15.2013  (server time)
The simple joy of hearing The Darkness in Faith No More

The original to the 2012 sequel that could've been so much more (although was still so sweet), The Darkness is one of my favorites from this past gen. An amazingly underrated little beast. More than a good game, it was a grand and engaging story. One of the best you'll find throughout the medium. Whether or not it stays true to the comics is irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. It's awesome on it's own. And it gave us one of the most insanely entertaining villains of any medium... The Darkness.

Indeed. That's how much this dude owns. He's not just the main villain, he's not just a core element of the gameplay, he is the motherfucking game. His name is right there. Nothing else. Just.. The Darkness. That's the kind of respect you can't simply buy. You'd have to possess at least a dozen mad cats for the rest of their life and kill hundreds just to be a damn subtitle.

He's intimidating, he's incredibly evil, and he's so over the hill he's literally been around here or there since the dawn of time itself.

And he's also voiced by Mike Patton, lead vocalist of 80's/90's rock/metal band Faith No More.

If you've played either Darkness game, tell me you don't hear The Darkness in that. You can't, because you do.

And isn't that just awesome?

Yes it is (and don't you tell me it's not!).

It's always great when my two biggest passions, gaming and music, meet. And they can meet in a variety of fashions. Whether it be with the latest Rock Band DLC, a sweet soundtrack, a fan-created jingle or with something like this.

In fact, videogames are the exact reason why I'm so big into music now. With the original Guitar Hero, I had discovered a way to become truly involved with the music I was listening to. It was no longer a simple matter of hearing the sound of music, but feeling it. With every button held and strum struck that then created a small part of a song on my TV, I fell more in love. I would eventually gravitate towards my first actual guitar, which was around 7 years ago this month.

And ever since maybe several years ago, music has meant more to me than probably even the very thing that brought me so close to it.

Naturally, hearing the sound of one of my favorite videogame villains in one of my favorite bands, even if it's just for a second, gets me super giddy. And visualizing The Darkness himself belting out such awesome jams, fellating the mic and working up a hard sweat on stage, makes me chuckle a bit on the inside.

A new edge is brought forth to these songs with Mike Patton's shrieks and growls now walking hand in hand with this Darkness persona. Every one also bringing back memories of experiencing the so many fantastic moments of The Darkness for the first time.

The thrilling intro chase, the first time The Darkness creeps out from deep within your tainted soul, celebrating your birthday with your girlfriend Jenny, dumping bodies into the back of Butcher Joyce's car before the police surround his store, escaping from some otherworldly hell while meeting an old relative, taking down a heli with a mini black hole, etc.

I feel like going off into a discussion on music in games in general, but, perhaps... that's a whole 'nuther blog for a whole 'nuther time.

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