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I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! Am I reading all this correctly? It feels as if the majority of the people who reacted to this idea of Dark Souls having an "Easy Mode" option (here on Dtoid anyway, a community I thought knew better than this) actually didn't want it. Not even the option.

These guys want everyone to enjoy the game the way they did. They say the game is all about it's difficulty, the reason why it's so awesome. Or they'll claim that it's actually not that hard so what's the point? Some also say it'll (*chuckle*) dumb down their experience.

You can't play our game! Anyone who wants an easier mode can just deal with it. Enjoy things our way or so help us!

Yeah, no. I don't think so.

Gamers these days are honestly ridiculous. Just like the world outside my gaming hobby, it seems common sense is becoming less and less.. so common.

You think Dark Souls' best quality is it's difficulty? Well (and I shouldn't even have to explain myself here, but...) that's just your opinion. Some might find something else to love about the game. And even this easier mode might still be a challenge, but one they can handle, one they find "healthier". Meanwhile, those other characteristics of Dark Souls, like the enemy/level design, the balanced-to-perfection gameplay, the RPG mechanics, etc. (which are all fantastic IMO) are still there.

If they wanna be truly challenged, to play Dark Souls the "real" way, it'll also still be there. Waiting for them. And you. It's not going anywhere.

You think the game isn't that hard? Here's a revelation: some may not agree. And want an easier time with the game.

No matter what you may think, I'm sure most of us will agree the game takes patience. I definitely know this from experience. Well, I've tried being patient, doing all I can, and in about 2-3 days of playing it, I feel as if I shouldn't still be at the point I'm at. Do I suck? I really don't think I do. I'm probably just not using the most optimal strategy and gear possible (or I'm seriously missing something). Without all that, I either have to be reeeeeeeeeeeeeally good or reeeeeeeeeeeeeally patient. I am neither of these things.

Would I eventually overcome? Of course. But with a game like Dark Souls, that would take time. Time I could be using to play the many other games I have in my backlog.

Because of my schedule of school + friends + gaming, I only have so much time and because of the game's unforgiving nature, I'll probably never be able to experience areas of the game like this:

Or this:

Who are you people to say I can't see all this game has to offer because I'm not good enough or I don't have the time? This is why difficulty levels exist.

I'm not exactly against a game having a set "normal" difficulty and that's it, but when asked for the option.. why the f*** would you object? God forbid more wanna be able to play this fantastic game. And God forbid the creators want more to experience their world and their hard work. That's part of the reason they made these games right?

And about the whole "It'll dumb down my experience." thing...

Are you playing on this awful, accessible, casualized, vile difficulty?


Well then.... what seems to be the problem? Have you ever honestly said to yourself "This just feels... dumbed down, man. I'm not liking this." while playing a game on it's hardest difficulty?

With all that said, I somewhat understand why people would object to it. It's hard to explain, but I get it. But, ya know what? The fact is, it's a stupid thing to complain about. So, it doesn't matter. And you should know this.

If people want an "Easy Mode" so that they can enjoy Dark Souls without having to sink in dozens of hours honing their skills and dying repeatedly on a single section, then it's whatever. I have no right to object and to keep these people from playing the game.

Now, if the game as a whole had been dumbed down then I definitely would have a problem with that. Because all the game needs to be more accessible is an easier difficulty option.






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