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I finished the cult hit Deadly Premonition not 24 hours ago. And, of course, it's still very fresh in my mind. The story (no spoilers, so read on) is one of the greatest I've experienced and it's everything else is certainly memorable in it's own special way. Namely, the open world and it's dynamically-driven NPC's. It was the game's coolest feature outside it's wonderful story. 

However, I don't wanna wait for the Director's Cut PC port for another Deadly Premonition to come into my thoroughly empty life. So, I wanna hear from you guys about your own personal Deadly Premonitions!

Well, I mean, besides Deadly Premonition

It, Deadly Premonition, is an awesome game as a whole. But, as the sum of it's individual parts, it's not quite there. It's a very flawed experienced. Barely average gameplay/controls, shameful padding, nasty graphics, sloppy text translations, and sidequests that hardly engage (but are sometimes worth doing for their rewards and story bits). 

Thankfully, I'm not one to let a great story go to waste unless the otherwise is especially bad. 

So, it's come to this. I want to discuss your own underdog hits. Games worth playing despite their vast shortcomings. Some have recommended games like Alpha Protocol to me in the past, which I bought during this season's Steam sale. But, what others are out there? I must hear of them. 


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