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SeymourDuncan17 avatar 12:59 AM on 05.25.2012  (server time)
A comprehensive guide on how to enjoy Dragon's Dogma

Step 1: Turn the voice volume all the way down. This silences your pawns from EVER BOTHERING YOU AGAIN while still keeping the audio for the cutscenes so you can keep enjoying the narrative

Step 2: Enjoy!

I have finally found an RPG that's challenging, but not soul-crushing, tear-inducing, I wanna eat my controller challenging. A challenging RPG worth getting lost in. A huge sprawling world, with huge beasts and other peskies waiting to be destroyed by my huge, black, long-haired, makeup-wearing Strider.

And I wasn't about to let some of the worst design choices in video game history ruin that.

How did this get past testing?

"Yes, Capcom. I thoroughly enjoy hearing my pawns repeat obvious tips on how to defeat goblins or wolves a million times over! And whenever they all bombard me with nonsense about my safe surroundings while I'm trying to hear someone else speak about a quest or piece of plot, it's just music to my ears!"

Can we please emphasis further just how unbearable these pawns are in our reviews? Because screw the "clunky" UI, or the graphics, or the spotty presentation, or the repetition (that comes with just about every game like this... yes, even Skyrim people!), these dudes almost made me stop playing the game until I had a stroke of genius.

I scurried to the Options menu, turned the Voice Volume all the way down, started a new game and hoped I would still find it as great. Turns out, it's not only still great, it's now goddamned amazing. All I wanted to hear was the dialogue being played during the cutscenes and I would be happy. I'll just make sure to keep the pawn subtitles on, at least.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Pawns system. But's it's both an example of tremendous and horrid game design. Most things are best in moderation.

So anyone else here also playing Dragon's Dogma? How is it? Are you planning on getting it? Did my super exclusive, l33t guide help you out at all?

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