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Stoner, Marketing Executive, Guitarist, Compulsive Speeder, Gamer, Candlestick Maker.

Father to a beautiful little boy, Vinnie. And husband to a gorgeous woman called Rowan, or "Mrs SC" to you guys. ;)

Prima Tiger for the SVER PMC - Fighting for a SVER victory in the Shadow War.
^That is a lie, I now fight for Raven, for FNF reasons^

Sony supporter in this sport we call a "console war."

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I'm getting kind of tired of every single Vita based post being filled with comments of "how dare they charge so much for the memory cards!" and such shit.

Let's get one thing clear. A lot of you guys, and myself personally have been conditioned by less than official, online memory retailers into thinking memory is cheaper than it is.

Now i'm sure you can pick up a hooky Chinese 16gb micro SDHC card for less than £10 on eBay. Easy. Sure it'll have a 1/5 chance of working right away and chances are if you unlpug it without "properly unmounting" it it will corrupt and you'll have to wipe it. But it's there, it's cheap and it kinda works.

You could even spend perhaps £17/£18 on one with a reputable name on it, have it shipped from China and have no troubles what so ever. You could even pay an extra couple of £'s and have one shipped from local stock! But then you're heading towards what we all consider "expensive" - which is actually the kind of price you'll find in a normal shop.

Still, if you want to go into a brick and mortar home electronics store (I'm taking where joe public goes when they need a TV, or a PC) over here we have Curry's, Dixons etc. and buy a 16GB micro SDHC card you will be paying between £26 and £40 for a "normal," no longer "new technology" bog standard, basic SDHC card in proper packaging (easy to forget that your memory never comes in proper packaging when you only ever buy them cheap on ebay)

Now i've just paid £34 for a 16GB VITA card (the biggest available over here - possibly due to all the fucking "OUTRAGE" about the pricing from the internet population) a price which some would consider unacceptable or extortionate.

I don't.

Sony are not basing their pricing on "what you can get something similar for if you go out of your way and take some risks" ie. ebay or imports. They're basing their pricing on what these things cost at RUN OF THE MILL, NORMAL, HIGH STREET electronics stores, in proper packaging with a normal retailer mark up.

Not only that, but they seem to have based the pricing of this "new" somehow "different" proprietory memory on the pricing of THE OLD VERSION of the memory. With the Vita card prices being near enough in line with major retailers microSDHC prices sometimes actually CHEAPER!

So yeah, in short, as someone who has seen for many years SD cards priced up in high street consumer electronics retailers at ~£70 for a 32gb card and anywhere up to £50 for a 16gb i really don't find the pricing on Sony's "new" Vita cards to be all that bad. It is in fact in some cases cheaper.

I mean from what I read the Vita cards are "faster" - if so, we want to be looking past the expensive "class 10" cards you find at the top end of the pricing bracket - which, again in high street retailers are often MORE EXPENSIVE than the Vita cards.

If you're that worried about them or that against paying a bit more to have something on release then you know exactly what you have to do...

Just. Fucking. Wait.

Get a cheap memory option from some Chinese Ebayer in a few months time and shut the fuck up.

SC out.

Will I fuck!!

My card / bank account / money ONLY EXIST for me to use to pay for the stuff I want, the things i want to do and to do so conveniently. It serves no other purpose.

I refuse to live my life in fear that someone might steal my precious money or details, and I refuse to give up the convenience that using a card entails, just because there is a slim chance that someone could perhaps get hold of my details.

Oh noes!

Don't you be looking at my Pin now y'hear, no seriously, look away awkwardly please.

Everytime you use an ATM machine there is a chance it's been hacked to clone your card (has happened twice to family members) everytime you use your card online there is a chance the details could go astray (I used to write cc details onto paper orders with thick black pen at a fairly large online retailer, sometimes those paper orders went missing, it happens.). Should we all go back to using only cash?

The other thing (I don't know how it works in the USA) but UK banks tend to cover you for that shit. If you notice something you didn't authorise coming out of your account, they lend you interest free money to cover the loss right away and then reclaim it from their insurance or whatnot. Either way, it all comes back, and you're not even left out of pocket in the meantime!

Banks also have added protection such as the verified by Visa system, which pushes any fear back further into the depths of my mind.

We could embrace and accept this modern age of convenient payments, stored details and possible data theft, or we could all hide behind the fear that someone might get our monies and have to go to a store, to pick up a card to type in the code, to buy what is, essentially an instant purchase and download product. It just defeats the whole prupose.

I think that using pre-paid cards because of fear destroys the whole convenience and the whole buying ethos of not only online services like the PSN, but of credit/debit cards in general!

Personally it wouldn't make a shit of a difference anyway, as a whole lot of companies / services have my details on file for instant payments, and I like it that way...

Dominos Pizza
Hungry House
Virgin Media name but a few.

If you are so scared that you will turn a one click purchase into a trip out to buy a card and all the extra bullshit that that entails, well, if that's the case, I truely feel sorry for you.

Personally the moment the PSN store comes back online I will re-enter all of my payment details, I will ensure my automatic payment for PSN+ is still set up and I will sit back and enjoy knowing I can spend my own money on the things I want at the click of a button free of the fear that seems to dictate to so many how they live their lives.
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Hey buddy, don't mean to call you out or anything but you called me, yesterday "a lying ass bitch" because I was saying my Black ops games on Xbox LIVE suffer from many connection issues.

I was gonna leave it, but then today, in my lunchbreak I played 2 rounds of Black ops, no more, no less, well, a little less because looky what popped up (after the little unplugged cable logo) about 2 minutes into round number two....

Now I know the picture doesn't show much, but I kinda had to grab my phone and take it from my gaming chair position quickly but, this was honest to God on LIVE and within 15 minutes of starting my game session.

That's right mate, XBL is "buttery" 100% of the time. If butter has trouble staying connected to the servers/host of what is currently it's most popular game, and cost £40 a year.

(In fact, due to it's nature, butter probably would have a bit of trouble staying connected to just about anything, except bread, it's good with bread)

I'm gonna have to start taking shots of all of these, i get a variation of 3 different problems pretty much on daily basis (not including the occasional: "The Matchmaking Servers for the P2P game you paid for on the online gaming network you pay for, are currently unavailable") - and as I've said before, this is far more understandable and acceptable when you're not paying £40 to get disconnected.

*Just FYI, I run my PS3, PC, Mac, Xbox, PSP, and Mrs SC's DSi XL through the same 50mb/s fibre optic cable broadband and ISP supplied wirelss router - and I have more problems with Xbox LIVE than any other platform. Funny, being as though it's the ONLY ONE I have to pay a subscription for*

Was it..

A: Robbie Williams
B: Robin Williams
C: Rob Zombie

That was the weekly question I received by text, for the episode of the gadget show I wasn't even watching.

As usual, I laughed at the sillyness of the question and responded with nothing more than a text saying "A".

3 weeks later, the phone rings and it's a number I don't recognize. "It's probably my mobile company calling about me paying my bill late" I thought...

"Hi, can I just confirm your mobile number please? OK, that's great, I'm calling to let yo know that you've won the gadget show competition! Congratulations! I need your details, height for the bikes, shoe size for the rollerblades and trainers, and clothing size for the Golf clothing."

Shock. Days of shock. Not sure if it's real or a scam. Then the list arrives by email....

(Bear with me, it's seriously long..)

A 50 inch plasma TV
A 32 inch LCD TV
A 19 inch LCD TV
And a Sky HD Package for a year
An iPhone 4 with the One plan for a year on the 3 Network.
And an iPad
A £300 pound iTunes voucher
A Panasonic TZ10 camera
A Gorillapod
Immortal Eye Gear glasses
A Kodak Playsport
A Sanyo Xacti camcorder
A Casio rugged camera
A Polaroid 300
And a Minoru 3D Webcam
A Blu Ray player
A selection of Blu Ray movies (12)
A 5.1 surround sound system
An Apple TV
And a Monster Cable Bundle
A Nintendo Wii
Dsi XL
Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board
Xbox 360
PS3 Slim
PSP go
Playstation Move
Xbox Kinect as soon as available
A High end Gaming PC
A Blaze Megadrive handheld
A jOG Game Controller
A Pyramat gaming chair
And games for the consoles (10)
MacBook Laptop
multi touch mouse
D Link Router
Pretec Memory Stick
Sector 9 longboard with King of watersports t-shirt
Tom Tom Go
Parrot AR Drone
Revo Maze
And a bundle of Gadget Show mechandise
iPod Touch
B+W iPod dock
Urbanears headphones
Monster Turbine Pro earphones
Reddmango photo frame
Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner
And Oral B electric toothbrush
A Gillette Fusion razor
Nike Luna Glide plus running shoes
A Berghaus Rucksack
A Surefire torch
A Seahawk Suitcase
Alert Me Home Security System
Uniross Easy Charger
Celestron Telescope
Berghaus walking boots
An Aladdin flask
And a set of Calvin Klein golf clothes
"Our top 5
inline skates" Remz Haffey 2.0 Roller Blades
Xsjado Stockwell blue
USD Demetrios George
Valo Tv.2 Skate
Rollerblade Solo Era V.2
"Our Top
5 kettles" MAGIMIX 11561 Kettel
De Longhi icona
Eco 3 Electronic
Tefal quick cup deluxe
Dualit dome
"Our top 5
sports watches" Garmin 405CX Sports Watch 
Cardiosport GT5
Timex Ironman Race Trainer Kit
Polar RS8000CX
"Our top 5
lights" Flatlite
Bathroom Colour Changing LED Chrome Shower Head Light
Glow Graffiti
2C Solar Light Cap
"Our Top 5
RC Flying Toys" Silverlit: Heli Mission
V22 Osprey
salvation pro helicopter
"Our top 5
Scooters " GoPed Know Ped
Razor Cruiser
Atom 4
Xootr Roma
Micro Black
A Samsung Netbook
Western Digital Hard Drive
Kodak printer
Windows 7
Slappa Laptop bag
DigiScribble Scanning Pen
And free broadband for a year
A Slingbox pro
Kindle e reader
Archos 7
Roberts Dab radio
Logic3 Amp
Logitech Speaker System
Bose quiet comfort headphones
Wowee Portable Speaker
A Leapfrog Zippity
K‚Nex Video Coaster
Zyclone Blaster
Maisto RC car
Rubik's Slide
Mattel Mindflex
Mini Cooper RC Car
Arctic super soaker
Wall-climbing mini car
Wild sling Water Bomb Launcher
Carbine rubber band shooter
HexBug Nano
Two AK47 water pistols
A Super Soaker
And an air blasters dart gun
An Easy Glider
A Mezzo Folding Bike
A Boardman Comp SC Roadbike
A Marin Mountain bike
Land Roller skates
Kangoo Jumps
A Big Trak tank
An Electric Shock Pen
A Flytech Hoverpod
A USB Microscope
An Aerobie Flying Ring
Arm wrestle game
Wrist walkie talkies
A Lego Mindstorm
And a JoeBot Robot
An Airzooka
A wham o frisbee
A Phantom keystroker
A Pop up tent
A star wars mind trainer
A USB Videotape Converter
An Alive board
A Tefal Actifry
Hydrocoach Water bottle
Phillips Juicer
Philips wake-up light
iRobot vacuum cleaner
And iRobot robotic mop
A Breville toaster
Morphy Richards steamer
Magimix food processor
Dyson Bladeless Fan
Kenwood Chef
A Krupps Coffee Machine
A Power 8 workshop
A Cusinart Soup Maker
FX special effects software
A wowwee Alive interactive cuddly toy

Phew, man that list is epic, but not half as epic on paper as it was in real life! Two weeks later, this arrived...

And another one with me, Mrs SC and SC mini in front...
(You may notice the lack of my mohawk, mrs SC trimmed it recently for me, but was in a bit of a rush, and so took WAY too much off, leaving me with more of a tuft than a mohawk, so I shaved it off. Sad day)

So after about 2 hours of shifting boxes into my fairly small house, it was as full as it's ever been or going to be with awesome gadgets!...

And SC mini looking unimpressed with the gadgets...

...until he finds the interactive cuddly toy!

So for all of Monday my house was packed like some kind of gadget warehouse! Until I got through box after box, marking stuff "keep" or "sell" and unpacking and setting up all the keep stuff.

I was really interested by the "High End Gaming PC" from the list, was it going to be a big Alienware tower? Was I going to be able to plug it into my TV? Or would I be needing a desk?

Then I spotted the box, this is probably my favourite thing on the whole list...
(unfortunately Dtoid seems to be having trouble uploading that image, but it's a Sony Vaio Touchscreen PC, like a 24" screen, with the whole PC built into it, one cable, no tower, wireless kb/m it's gorgeous. Which now lives next to my 50" plasma TV.

I don't seem to be able to upload images taken on my new camera.. weird. But the only images worth mentioning on there are of my new TV, with PS3, cable TV, surround sound and Xbox 360 plugged into it. PS3, surround sound and Cable box taking up shelves on my media unit, and the 360 taking pride of place, on the floor down the side of my unit. lol.

Bit of a bummer that I'm having trouble with the other pics, maybe too big from my new camera, who knows.

I'm sure I'll sort it out and when I do, more pics will follow....

So yeah, I'm one happy happy bunny right now, blogging in my den, from my Macbook, listening to Sleigh Bells really loud on my amplamp.

But I've got to go, as someone is coming round shortly to buy my Easy Glider - I'll never use it.

And in case it matters to you, I've so far sold enough to pay off about 75% of my debt, that's all I'm selling, enough to pay off my debts. The rest is mine I tell you, ALL MINE!

I'll try to find something cool to do a Dtoid competition with too.
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As you probably know, I'm a bit of a Sony fanboy, I'll admit it, I ain't gonna hide it.

So I just got my first Xbox 360 yesterday, won it in a competition (pics, and full epic delivery of 2nd best day of my life blog coming soon) wouldn't have paid money for one, but a free slim? With Kinect (selling)? I ain't going to say no!

Yesterday I didn't even transfer my old PS3 to my new one (won a slim PS3 too), despite the fact that my old one is hella noisy. Instead I set the 360 up, grabbed Black Ops from my local shop and sat down in my gaming chair (also won) in front of the 50" plasma (won) to play some CoD.

OK, so apparently when you register a LIVE account you get a free month or something? Not me. I think because I signed up on a PC before getting my 360, to secure my username (Foolishbean69) that I missed out on that one. Nevermind, fuck it, I'll be playing for a year, purchase one year £40.

"Great, so I'm online, got CoD, let's get busy. Ew, the controller feels wierd, sure I'll get used to it. Game seems OK, can see what people mean about poor graphics, but it's plenty of throw-away fun."

You have been disconnected from the server (or words to that effect)


Checks internet..

Download 45mb/s
Upload 4mb/s
Ping 16

Literally in the space of maybe 3 hours, I got disconnected from the game maybe 5 times. Not to mention some noticable lag, and it taking AN AGE to find games.

*I've grown bored of this now and I'm playing Tropico 3 on my new Sony Vaio touchscreen PC*

Again today I get back from work, Mrs SC amd SC mini are out, so I've got the place to myself and the neighbours deserve some comeback for being such noisy bastards recently. Set up my new surround sound system (won) and get in the gaming chair. Fire up CoD. (In doing so, get lost in the NXE thingy, man, that is FUCKING HORRIBLE) and hit "Multiplayer".

And wait.

And wait.

"The Call of Duty servers are currently unavailable, please try again later"


I know, this is Activision's problem and not Microsoft's, but never the less, I'm currently paying whatever it costs per day to NOT be able to play the game I want to play.

Xbox LIVE is Fucking Brilliant. Well worth the money.

I mean, it's not like I can NOT play CoD and get kicked out of game after game after game after game on the PSN for free, is it?

Oh wait, i can?

*Fires up PS3 and is too busy playing awesome games, and actually playing them online, to write blogs.*


I'm literally bouncing off the walls right now £25,000 worth of gadgets is on it's way too me!