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Sexualchocolate avatar 4:22 AM on 05.17.2011  (server time)
Will I run in fear from possible information theft?

Will I fuck!!

My card / bank account / money ONLY EXIST for me to use to pay for the stuff I want, the things i want to do and to do so conveniently. It serves no other purpose.

I refuse to live my life in fear that someone might steal my precious money or details, and I refuse to give up the convenience that using a card entails, just because there is a slim chance that someone could perhaps get hold of my details.

Oh noes!

Don't you be looking at my Pin now y'hear, no seriously, look away awkwardly please.

Everytime you use an ATM machine there is a chance it's been hacked to clone your card (has happened twice to family members) everytime you use your card online there is a chance the details could go astray (I used to write cc details onto paper orders with thick black pen at a fairly large online retailer, sometimes those paper orders went missing, it happens.). Should we all go back to using only cash?

The other thing (I don't know how it works in the USA) but UK banks tend to cover you for that shit. If you notice something you didn't authorise coming out of your account, they lend you interest free money to cover the loss right away and then reclaim it from their insurance or whatnot. Either way, it all comes back, and you're not even left out of pocket in the meantime!

Banks also have added protection such as the verified by Visa system, which pushes any fear back further into the depths of my mind.

We could embrace and accept this modern age of convenient payments, stored details and possible data theft, or we could all hide behind the fear that someone might get our monies and have to go to a store, to pick up a card to type in the code, to buy what is, essentially an instant purchase and download product. It just defeats the whole prupose.

I think that using pre-paid cards because of fear destroys the whole convenience and the whole buying ethos of not only online services like the PSN, but of credit/debit cards in general!

Personally it wouldn't make a shit of a difference anyway, as a whole lot of companies / services have my details on file for instant payments, and I like it that way...

Dominos Pizza
Hungry House
Virgin Media name but a few.

If you are so scared that you will turn a one click purchase into a trip out to buy a card and all the extra bullshit that that entails, well, if that's the case, I truely feel sorry for you.

Personally the moment the PSN store comes back online I will re-enter all of my payment details, I will ensure my automatic payment for PSN+ is still set up and I will sit back and enjoy knowing I can spend my own money on the things I want at the click of a button free of the fear that seems to dictate to so many how they live their lives.

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