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Sexualchocolate avatar 4:00 AM on 02.13.2012  (server time)
Vita Proprietory Memory cards ARE NOT EXPENSIVE

I'm getting kind of tired of every single Vita based post being filled with comments of "how dare they charge so much for the memory cards!" and such shit.

Let's get one thing clear. A lot of you guys, and myself personally have been conditioned by less than official, online memory retailers into thinking memory is cheaper than it is.

Now i'm sure you can pick up a hooky Chinese 16gb micro SDHC card for less than 10 on eBay. Easy. Sure it'll have a 1/5 chance of working right away and chances are if you unlpug it without "properly unmounting" it it will corrupt and you'll have to wipe it. But it's there, it's cheap and it kinda works.

You could even spend perhaps 17/18 on one with a reputable name on it, have it shipped from China and have no troubles what so ever. You could even pay an extra couple of 's and have one shipped from local stock! But then you're heading towards what we all consider "expensive" - which is actually the kind of price you'll find in a normal shop.

Still, if you want to go into a brick and mortar home electronics store (I'm taking where joe public goes when they need a TV, or a PC) over here we have Curry's, Dixons etc. and buy a 16GB micro SDHC card you will be paying between 26 and 40 for a "normal," no longer "new technology" bog standard, basic SDHC card in proper packaging (easy to forget that your memory never comes in proper packaging when you only ever buy them cheap on ebay)

Now i've just paid 34 for a 16GB VITA card (the biggest available over here - possibly due to all the fucking "OUTRAGE" about the pricing from the internet population) a price which some would consider unacceptable or extortionate.

I don't.

Sony are not basing their pricing on "what you can get something similar for if you go out of your way and take some risks" ie. ebay or imports. They're basing their pricing on what these things cost at RUN OF THE MILL, NORMAL, HIGH STREET electronics stores, in proper packaging with a normal retailer mark up.

Not only that, but they seem to have based the pricing of this "new" somehow "different" proprietory memory on the pricing of THE OLD VERSION of the memory. With the Vita card prices being near enough in line with major retailers microSDHC prices sometimes actually CHEAPER!

So yeah, in short, as someone who has seen for many years SD cards priced up in high street consumer electronics retailers at ~70 for a 32gb card and anywhere up to 50 for a 16gb i really don't find the pricing on Sony's "new" Vita cards to be all that bad. It is in fact in some cases cheaper.

I mean from what I read the Vita cards are "faster" - if so, we want to be looking past the expensive "class 10" cards you find at the top end of the pricing bracket - which, again in high street retailers are often MORE EXPENSIVE than the Vita cards.

If you're that worried about them or that against paying a bit more to have something on release then you know exactly what you have to do...

Just. Fucking. Wait.

Get a cheap memory option from some Chinese Ebayer in a few months time and shut the fuck up.

SC out.

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