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Sexualchocolate avatar 5:22 AM on 07.28.2010  (server time)
Response to questions and worries in MAG update post's comments...

OK, so maybe this was too big for the comments, or maybe Dtoid just doesn't like my ranting essays anymore, either way, below is my response to this:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE MAG and this is a very welcome update!

Make the maps look even better with new lighting? WIN

Happy hour? WIN

Faster updates? WIN

Neutral Suppression? WIN

I know, I know, i've used this image before...

I'm currently on my 4th Veteran (aka prestige / tour) and still cannot stop playing it, there's an awesome and active Dtoid clan on Raven, despite being in a different time zone i often stay up till 5am playing with those guys.

Also, to people worried about player count in this MP only game - don't, there are ALWAYS plenty of people to play with, at the very very very worst scenario you're choice of gametype is a little restricted, but Zipper actually alleviated that MASSIVELY recently by giving double XP if you let THE GAME choose what game type you go into (often putting you in the less popular ones, but DOUBLE XP) - I do wonder how this will work alongside the happy hour, 4x XP???

@PatriotSnake - Get Resuscitation, you'll get loads of XP reviving team mates!

@NapalmMcT DDS - I would splooge my fucking pants if MAG got Move support! Buying anyway, but it really would make my year!

@HPV - The vehicles are not supposed to be driven around like tanks, they're simply mobile spawn points, NOT WEAPONS! You put them somewhere safe and leave them there. Sure, they could handle better (Zipper did improve them greatly recently) It's really frustrating when someone takes your whole squads "forward spawn point" on a fucking joyride around the map!!!

I literally can't stress it enough that if you have the slightest interest in MAG, just get it. It's fucking brilliant!

I really don't remember the last game that i was so into even after 160+ hours, (I normally get really bored, really quickly, think it maybe borderline ADHD) and there are a lot of players like me, I think Elsa has about 500 hours, Clockwork-zombie has played a tonne, Tsukanda and Mongoose are often online too, JoeG's getting some time in, and many others. I mean there's a whole Dtoid crew, just waiting to play with you guys! What are you waiting for?

MAG it's self is probably my favourite game this generation. Despite all the "generic shooter" comments it got from, honestly, from those that were jealous of it or didn't understand it, it's like no other shooter Iíve ever played, and i've played a whole lot of online shooters since the Counter Strike days.

Sure BFBC2 has objectives, which controlling opens other objectives, but it's like 4 games of BFBC2 all going on at once, with tactical strikes, leadership, mobile spawn points, Anti Air emplacements, Paratroopers etc, all linked to what's actually going on. Not Battlefields "on this map you paradrop in" - more like "right, we've got the AA down so you guys can now paradrop in, Oh shit the AA is repaired, we can no longer paradrop in!" - Completely dynamic and player controlled.

When attackers push in the enemy in MAG domination games the forces come together until it's 128 people defending a building / compaound and 128 people attacking it! (It's split up by objectives, but you more often than not will go help other squads)

i could ramble on about this game all day, but Iíll save you from reading all that.

I'm personally PASSIONATE about MAG. I fucking LOVE it. At least rent it, give it a try, because if you do get into it you'll never look back.

(It is a difficult game at first, it's not pick-up-and-play like CoD, it will probably take a good few hours to climb it's learning curve, but it's oh so worth it when you do!)

Also, drop by the MAG thread in the forums - we're a friendly bunch, always happy to answer any questions you may have.

x x kisses x x

Your very own SC. x

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