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I'll get to filling this out sometime, or hire a korean hooker to do it for me.
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I think someone made a mistake lol.

Just when you thought plasma guns and shields were futuristic, Bungie decided to go all hi-tech on our asses and make a gun that shoots fire! Yes you heard me, FIRE! IGN just reported that Halo 3 will have the infamous flamethrower that was not able to make its way onto Halo 1 or 2, and is going to be packing an extra goody along with it.

In addition to Master Chief now being able to wield the M7057 / Defoliant Projector (Flamethrower), he will also have a new incendiary grenade, the Firebomb, at his disposal. Talk about smoking hot! (I know lame pun). Want to know more? Hit the jump!


Psycho Halo Kid - Watch more free videos

*Warning! This Video May Not Be Appropriate For Those With Virgin Ears.... You Pussy *

I'd write something pointful here but the title pretty much sums it all up. This kid needs less videogames and more sitting alone in a dark room.

People over at buzzhumor.com found the real source of where firefox got its logo. Kittins and Boobs across the nation are outraged and are demanding legal action.