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Seth338's blog

6:51 AM on 03.08.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

My rig is pretty old now, going on 5-6 years

It was pretty state of the art back then tho, i don't know the exact specs but it can play C&C generals at top specs without lag issues, and i don't have trouble with anything from Steam.

I have this set up with two mice, one close to the monitor for when i use the chair and one longer one that reaches to my bed. that way i can lie back and surf or mess around with my media player without getting up.

The screen is a 24'' LCD HD by Goodmans, cost 300 last year and it gets the job done.

I don't normally post these but Ceark's "Call to actual Dtoid members" rant made sense.

(I'm still working on the second part of my WoW retrospective "For The Horde"expect it when i don't have practical reports, developmental reports and analysis essays due in.)


7:04 PM on 02.05.2008

World of Warcraft - A Retrospective: Part one - Alliance (Also Gay Bar)

Let's start this post where all good Warcraft posts should.
Hi, my name is Seth and I'm a Level 60 Orc Hunter. I have been clean and sober for two years now.

This post will contain swear words and possible spoilers for 1-30 alliance quests. So don't moan at me this time I bolded it.

Christina's C-Blog on entering the world got me looking back on my own past with warcraft.

I'm going to try and break this down into how I felt during my tenure. Beginning with...

The beginning - Night Elf Druid: RIP Level 1-5 (Ish)

I rolled alliance to begin with; a friend of my fathers was on the server I chose as a human warrior so it seemed natural. I didn't play this character long; I only rolled it to see how the controls worked and to get a feel for the game.

And I was fucking blown away.

Not the graphics, I had seen better but this was my first time walking through a game world where everyone around me was an actual person. This took a while to sink in. That guy batting rabbits with a staff was an actual person. Not an AI. I had played online multiplayer before of course, but the closest thing to WoW I had played was adventure quest where the idea of playing along side someone else was ludicrous.

I said I was really trying to capture my feelings.

I went up just saying Hi to random people just to test that they were actual people, a fact that was really much tougher to grasp than it should have been. But the first time I saw the FFVIII balamb garden FMV on my PS1 blew me away as well. Not because it was the greatest thing ever, but in comparison to everything I had played before (Which was limited to an Atari, a Megadrive and avery limited library of N64 games) it was amazing.

This was in many ways the same feeling. Jumping from my previous experience of RPGs into a MMO blew me away.

This stage can be summed up in one phrase.

"Holy crap they are Human"

I only played this character for a while before I decided that I would restart. It is a habit I have with any game, I play for half hour/hour to grasp the mechanics and restart. It serves you well.

The first crusade - Set - Human Warlock RIP Level 1 to 24

So I rolled a warlock, it sounded the most evil and that was all that mattered. This was my first run in with grinding; I accidentally walked in an area too strong for me and realized I would need to stay in the play pen until I was strong enough to deal with it. This is a reoccurring theme in WoW, being penned into these zones.

I worked my way up and up and ran through the defias brotherhood storyline from that orchard they took over in the noob zone past the Deadmines and into Stormwind prison. And really had a blast from the get go. Some things were a bit annoying, how many Kobold mines do I have to go through? (The answer, a lot) but for the most part the sense of achievement when you become strong enough to leave an area and that oh so satisfying ding. Well that made up for it.

As a psychologist (Now, not so much then) I can point to that as positive reinforcement and conditioning, a release of dopamine equivalent to passing a big exam just for clicking a mouse at some monsters. This is where things get troublesome for some WoW players.

I liked the Defias storyline, the first time I cleared Deadmines with my brother in my party. Say what you like about there being no end to an MMO, the feeling of completing an instance like that and then walking out into the sunlight. Yeah it's more of the same afterwards but the sudden relief, we did it! Ect. Yeah life goes on and it's back to the grind but that feeling of achievement is not easily beaten.

By this point my exploration was very limited. I had explored Elwin and Westfall but by the time I reached Duskwood and Redridge I had run out of steam. Time to retire this character and look back at my first choice.

The second crusade - Sekhemet* (The first) - Night Elf Druid: RIP Level 0 - 36

This time I was going to explore, really see as much of the world as I could. For a start this entire class was wrong for me. I was using the bear form for attack and totally ignored the cat form. I even speced restoration. Bleughh - all mistakes. But at this point I wasn't using guides. I had installed a Coordinate addon and was using thottbot for maps but was still pure. Bah, not for long.

My efforts at exploration were both curtailed and encouraged by my chosen class, the druid quests had me going back to westfall and to do so I needed to explore the far reaches of areas too tough for me. Following the trail through Wetlands was harsh. Almost every monster could one hit me and i had an aggro range the size of a small planet. I needed an escort to make it through to Ironforge, but once I was on the Deeprun Tram I knew I was home free.

This strikes me as bad design, needing to trek through these high level (relatively speaking) areas to get to the capitals of your allied races, but it helps to establish the insular nature of the Night Elves - it also aided my attempts at exploration which I appreciated. But no sooner than I had finished that quest I was dragged back to Darkshore to look at whale husks.

This led to the second revelation of WoW

"Grinding is boring"

I spent ages in the same area, mostly running from point A to point B. My insistence to use the bear form rather than cat was holding me back as well, I was staying alive but everything was drawn out. By the time I was exploring Ashenvale and Stone talon I was so thoroughly bored with the Night Elf plot line, running back to Nijels point every time a Horde warrior attacked me the game had totally run out of steam.

And god help me if I had to spend an hour looking for a Gnomergan party only to have them disband the first time someone dies I will kill someone.

The alliance lacked teamwork, everyone seemed to be learning the ropes and the Horde were laughing at us with their battle cry emote.

So I cut my ties with the alliance, it was time to change servers and roll Horde.

Thus the third revelation of WoW was revealed to me, which is summed up in one phrase


To be continued.

The Alliance Crusades
The Beginning
First Crusade
Second Crusade

For The Horde
For The Horde
Barons Chat
In his majesties bloody service

Mechanical Machinations Of Machinering
Trade Skills and Cheating
I do not recognize this UI
PvP sucks

The Endgame...
PvP Is awesome
I'm doing this again?
Memento Mori - The elite guild
What do you mean "So you are still alive"?

Semi related youtube Vid - alliance made Gay bar video


*I always name my game characters after aliases of the God Seth, those being Seth, Set, Sutekh, Suty or Seteh - Sekhmet isn't really an alias of Seth according to most experts but enough think that it is that i also use it. Mostly because Sekhemet is an awesome name (Even if it is a female one)


5:13 AM on 01.27.2008

I love Jade Empire IN SPACE!

Ah Mass Effect, i do love this game. But Jade empire is better for one feature.

No not punching Zombies heads off.

Forgive me for never playing KOTOR, i tend to avoid star wars themed games. But Jade Empire, that was my bread and butter. You know all those reviews who say "There was this this and this wrong with it, but if you like X genre you will love it". I am that guy.

I am a completionist, not in the mass effect achievement way but in the real way. I completed (On most accurate count) Jade Empire 27 times. The reason was all those alternate endings.


Jade Empire had 3 main endings:



And stupid...

Stupid always ended the same way so this is the last we talk of it. Here is where it gets good. Each if your followers had their own ending, just a little bit in text but i loved it. And it is the one thing Mass Effect really misses out on. Depending on your interactions with your party their personality can change between good an evil. And that alters how they react to your final choices as either enemies, allies, slaves or dead people. So that is two to three custom endings for each character.

Then there were the relationships, which were a million times better than Mass Effect because there was no pandering heavily advertised sex scene, just a kiss and fade to black. These were

If you are a man:
Dawn Star
Silk Fox

If you are a woman:

There was also

If you are a woman:
Silk Fox (Yes Jade Empire had lesbian sex all that time ago!)

If you are a man:
Silk Fox and Dawn Star (Hawt threesome action)
Sky - Yes Jade empire had buttsex action as well. Mass Effect had no male Commander Shepard Sir on Kaiden action did it.

This is the main reason i find the stuff about OMG lesbian sex in Mass Effect - internet explodes - really really stupid. Jade empire had threesomes, lesbians and hawt man on man back in 2005.

But that is beside the point, that is another 7 endings there (Trust me, interactions ect)

And then there is alignment, depending on if they are good or evil, or you are and if you are in a relationship with them there are now up to 4 endings for some characters.

Good and in a relationship
Evil and in a relationship
Good and in a threesome
One Evil and one good in a threesome when you are evil
One evil, one good you are good
Both evil and you good (Hardest one ever to do, you have to talk like a bad ass but pet kittens when they aren't looking)
Both good and you good.

And you get the idea by now.

Then at least two of your allies have secret pasts, if you unlock these it changes all their endings. So there we have another bunch of them.

27 times i completed this game, and i think i got everything. But the thing is i discovered something new on the 24th time. You were always discovering things you missed in this game. Much like Mass Effect where there are entire missions that i didn't find until my third play through.

Anyway, the endings are one of the reasons that i loved Jade Empire, and the one thing Mass Effect sorely needed. a quick bit at the end about each partner you know:

Good: Served on as a marine, eventually got his own ship. Retired with wife/you depending on ending.
Evil: Helped lead the new specters that quickly stomped humanities superiority over the traverse.

Modify if you dated him

Good:Went back to his people with his family armor and helped to foster peace among a small band of the Krogan.
Good 2: Unable to return his family's armor he continued his life as a mercenary.
Evil: Proving the worth of the Krogan to the new human empire, wrex's actions led to the Krogan being used by humanity as a race of soldiers.

Good: Returned to the Migrant fleet with the data on the Geth, eventually gets the Quarian embassy restored to the citadel and stands as ambassador.
Evil: Returned from to the Migrant fleet with news of what happened to the council and the coming of the reapers. The migrant fleet has not been seen since.

And you get the idea, people like me would have done everything to see every permutation.

But that doesn't change the awesomeness of Mass Effect, still a good game. I even liked the Mako segments if you can believe it.

It just could have been so much better with this single awesome feature.

But it is a fairly new game, and i am late to the party. Someone else has probably talked about Mass Effect recently, this post was about Jade Empire...

To make things more interesting for those who read this insanely long post, put your own predictions for good/evil/relationship endings for some Mass Effect character in the reply section.


11:59 PM on 01.07.2008

I read wardrox's blog!

But that is of little importance. My rant for today is this.

Console "Exclusives"
The simple question is why do people do them anymore? Almost anything can be ported now and companies stand to make much greater profit if everyone can buy your game from the off. I can see the reason for first party exclusives, but games like Bioshock (Just completed for the first time the other day, late to the party i know but gotta love that sweet sweet ADAM) or i don't know Metal Gear Solid, stand to make much more money if ported over. Sure Bioshock was successful anyway, but people won't be lining up to buy PS3s because of one game, the popularity of the Xbox would imply you could make much more by breaking the exclusivity and just going with sales.

So yea, please please please release Metal Gear Solid for the Xbox, i already missed the last one since my PS2 died and i switched consoles.

*cough* that is all.

Also an "I'm spartacas" style rallying of people who read Wardrox's blog would be pretty awesome. Even more awesome if it ended with Sterling. (love the podcastle guys, keep it up.)   read

4:44 AM on 12.13.2007

When will they release Beautiful Katamari in Europe, when when when!!

Head explodes...

This is now driving me nuts. When i heard about a 360 katamari game i was happy, i watched the pre-release material like a hawk, waiting for a UK date to be announced. US and Japan had their dates, I'm sure we will have a delay but a date will come out soon... soon...

This game has now been out for two months.
In English no less, just across the pond. Why won't they release it in the UK, why don't they like money. Seriously Bandai, here take my money, give me my game.

I had the misfortune of missing Katamari Damancy, my PS2 was long dead when i discovered it so i only got to play it round friends. I greatly anticipated this next gen's release but nay, it is apparently not for us.

My reasoning, Japanese bastards hate Europe, and only release games in America because they pretty much have to.

If you know something i don't about a UK release date please tell me.

In unrelated news i have now got over 11 hours on pyro, 10 on engineer and 10 on spy in Team Fortress 2 for the 360.   read

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