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Seth338 avatar 10:19 AM on 03.30.2008  (server time)
UK NARP - Pics and lulz of the first night

UK Narp this weekend was awesome, but where the fuck was Jim Sterling?

For those of you across the pond you should know, foreigners play vidya games too. And we can't make it to your fancy Miami NARP's so we throw our own every now and then.

This was a three day drinkathon hosted by Bunny Rabbit 2 in wolverhampton.

The first night had the most people but it was mostly drinking and playing Halo, the best gaming happened on night two and the best drinking on night one. You may notice the absence of the British representation Jim Sterling, he came down with a terrible case of Man Flu so we needed to postpone his death match with Wardrox until the horn of fenris sounds and the skies turn red. it will happen people.

Wardrox himself was absent night one as well due to being a n00b and a day late.

A few Dtoiders did turn up and overall we had a decent turn out, bout 15 people there the first night and 10 the second.

(Roll call - incomplete)
Bunny Rabbit Host
McSnowthe whole time
Daddy Gerplex and a friend from gamestation on the second day.
Wardrox on the second day
And a bunch of non dtoiders who live in the area and know us. If you are a dtoider and i didn't know your username comment and ill ad you)

The first night was an international effort, with many pirates and non English europeans.

/\Av The Viking, new to destructoid.

The night ended with a Halo tourney of sorts, no pics of that because by that point i was so wasted i could barely stand.

The set up was pretty neat, 3 HD screens one SD and 3 xboxes, only one PS3 though.

So far Microsoft is in the lead.

Most played games of night one:
1st: Halo
2nd: Crackdown
3rd: Portal

Night two, weatherspoons and the Guitar Hero off coming up.

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