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Seth338 avatar 1:21 PM on 03.30.2008  (server time)
UK NARP - Guitar Hero Face Off

About half way through night two of the NARP Wardrox (n00b) declared himself the greatest rocker at Guitar Hero 3, over Bunny Rabbit 2 (eL337), who demonstrated the ability to play fire and the flames on expert without the screen on at all and just the speakers.

There was only one way to solve it!

Wardrox judges a win in GH in a very different way to most of us. While the rest of us said BR2's higher scores and difficulty meant he was better wardrox insisted that it was the amount you flailed around that counted, even though he failed half his songs.

The random flailing led to some serious casualties.

Poor Av the viking was hit multiple times in the head by guitars and guitarists as they flew across the room in a frenzy.

Fowl play was afoot, with screens being turned off and guitarists being tripped over (All by McSnow, who cemented his position as an asshole of the highest calibre).

And in the end a winner was clear... me for not getting injured. And then Bunny Rabbit for actually winning.
But Wardrox felt his raw style and rock out a tude was worth the win.

But all that flailing around reminded me of something else...

Thats right, A MAC USER!

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