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Seth338 says:

Look We Drink - Improved Happy Cola (UK NARP)

// Submitted @ 10:01 AM on 03.30.2008

At the UK NARP this weekend Bunny Rabbit (Profile) decided to create a modified version of Excremento's Happy Cola, in tribute to the mix master and list maker we post our recipe here.

I give you Happier Cola

Take the normal Happy Cola recipe, a bottle of Smirnoff ice and a shot of jagermeister, the drink retains it alcopop girlishness but has enough hard liquor in it that people wont look at you funny. Nice transition from alcopops into spirits.

Then how of you improve on this most sippy of drinks? Just add one cola wand.

and watch the mixture froth and ferment as the wand slowly dissolves.

Glaucoma and alcoholism, all this and more at the UK NARP you probably missed.

Original Recipe

This is the first of my UK NARP posts, it went first because it was the shortest. Look forward to "Why is McSnow a jerk?" and "IDrox Rox"
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