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Turner, Seth Turner. Second year psychology major and all around awesome individual. Like morality games and RPG's but throw a decent story at me and i'll shut up as well. Raised on original street fighter and metroid, moved from Sonic to Mario and then from Golden Eye, Starfox and Toshingdon to FFVIII. From then on, well everything.

Don't like Halo. Do like Team Fortress. Only sports game i've played is some olympics game with fish on the Sega Megadrive. Not an FPS fan as a rule of thumb, like Half Life games regardless.

Play as many internet flash games as i play console and PC games.

Screw having a now playing list it gets out of date too fast.
Looking forward to:
Fable 2
Saints Row 2
Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness
And probably about other games that grab my eye

Best Games Ever

The Roman Numeral RPG's
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy VI
Breath Of Fire III
Vandal Hearts II

How about a little ULTRAviolence (Anything broadly defined as shooter)
Metal Gear Solid
Tekken 3

I am the commander, you do as I SAY (Tactical games)
Command and Conquer
C&C Red Alert 2 (And Yuri's Revenge)
C&C Tiberian Sun (And Firestorm)
C&C Generals (And Zero Hour)
Civilisation 2
Sim City 2000
Hogs Of War
Age Of Mythology
Age Of Mythology: The Titans (An expansion but stands well as it's own game)
Master of Olympus - Zeus
Master of Atlantis - Poseidon

I can't decide whether you should live or die (Morality games)
Jade Empire
Mass Effect

The Classics
ESWAT: Cyber Police
Tojam and Earl

Where the hell do i catagorise you!?(Misc)
The Sims 2

It was hard to do a top ten so i did the massive list above and weeded out the best, since i like doing those each will have a quote... some are very limited in script though...
Jade Empire
See my blog post on the subject.
Kang: "Next time, I'm placing explosives around them, explosives shaped like bananas. Stops thieves, monkeys, and monkey thieves all in one!"

Gao the lesser:"I have heard better threats from children."
Player: "You've been threatened by children?"

Master Li: "I recall your earliest lessons. You fell from 1000 feet during the walk of death, which, alone, was odd enough at your age, but you made short work of the walk of maiming and the walk of intense discomfort and tore your head clean off. I comforted you, well, your head, saying that you could just walk if off, because, you know, the cut was clean and then you would punch a mountain. In space!"

Age Of Mythology
Great RTS, a quirky series of mythical beasts and heroes at your disposal as well as some all consuming god powers when you want to shake stuff up. Stands out from the others based on how long i spent playing skirmishes, which i think comes close to the two year mark.
Nothing to quote :(

Breath Of Fire III:
Best RPG i have ever played, every character had a quiqe fighting style and personality, there was plenty to discover and maxing yourself out was a relativly easy task. So long as you don't give up from boredom during the desert your fine.
Ballio and Sunder:"No one has seen us in this form and lived to tell about it!" (Imagine as an anime fan this being the first time i heard that line?"
"A D-D-D-Dragon!"

Metal Gear Solid
One of the first and best story driven games i had ever played, great characters, interesting setting and gameplay and the greatest mullet imaginable.
Liquid:"Tell me! Did you like my sunglasses?"

Pics coming soon:
My Bird
My Buds
My Self
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In response to Sterlings post on a new version of computer monopoly

The discussion always comes up when a board game is adapted which version is better. In games like Catan the automation arguably improves the game, but you loose the option of the oh so awesome expansion packs

That is why i personally believe that it is the customisation on the original that will always make it superior. In the video versions some degree of customisation will be available, but never to the degree of the original. Just some preset options.

Below is the discussion that triggered this post and one of my favourite rule sets.

<Seth> Yo
* razerangel has quit IRC (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox])
<Seth> Computerised monopoly games are inferior to the board game. Discuss
<vexed_alex> It's true.
<Styos> Who wants to play Monopoly when we cna play Zombies!!!
<vexed_alex> You can't steal from the bank.
<bloodylip> you also can't cut deals with other players
<bloodylip> all computerized board games suck compared to the actual board game
<bloodylip> it removes the human element from it
<Aerox> There was a mac version of monopoly a long time ago that let you cut deals
<Seth> Stealing from the bank is importnat
<Seth> It teaches children important life lessons about not being caught stealing or lying
<bloodylip> that's right
<bloodylip> it teaches them how to live in atlantic city
<Aerox> The mac one let you steal from teh bank too
<Seth> I always steal from the bank
<bloodylip> if only they'd promote you to mayor for winning
<Aerox> But you had a chance of getting caught
<Seth> And i never get caught
<Aerox> And losing all your money
<Seth> Look the main reason i prefer the board game is "Finish the bottle if you hit free parking" or "Double shot for landing on go" will never be included in a computerisedversion
<Seth> It's all about the customisation
<Pangloss|class> computer based drinking games?
* Pangloss|class is now known as Pangloss
<Aerox> Hmm
<Aerox> I've never thought of drinking monopoly
<Aerox> I'm intrigued
<BigPopaGamer> me either
<BigPopaGamer> would definitely make the game more interesting
<Pangloss> all stephen hawking voice saying "drink, faggot!"
<Pangloss> are you some kind of pussy. take the shot.
<Seth> Not the computerised version
<Pangloss> [/robot]
<Seth> There are options
<Seth> The gist is whenever you loose money you take a shot
<Seth> Whenever you pass go you take a shot
<Seth> You can avoid bankrupsy by finishing the bottle for $1000
<Aerox> I feel like everyone would be dead within 20 minutes
<Pangloss> that basically sounds like a complicated way to get drunk very very quickly.
<Seth> And can do that as long as you can hold out
<Pangloss> and that monopoly would swiftly be forgotten.
<Seth> If you fall over drunk or puke the person responsible for your last drink gets your cash and property
<Seth> It's awesome
<vexed_alex> Wow. GTA looks great. Even when watching gameplay from a video camera recording.
<Pangloss> also, that the near-violent atmosphere constantly present when my family plays monopoly would devolve into actual violence.
<BigPopaGamer> wow Seth
<Seth> Or nudity, since you should never play this with your family rather a room full of students at a party
<Pangloss> seriously, my grandma always looks like she's gonna murder someone when she lands on their property.
<BigPopaGamer> you need to write the rules down and send them to me
<Seth> But whatever
<CronosBlade> good lord
<BigPopaGamer> I've got some friends who would be interested in that
<CronosBlade> Take 2 is bitchslapping GTA IV vids off youtube FAST
<Seth> I'll Cblog the rules
<Seth> Link forthcoming.
<BigPopaGamer> that's an awesome idea

The Rules To Shot Monopoly
Your fortitude and skill are tested!
1 - Pass go, take a shot.
2 - Go to jail, take a shot.
3 - land on chance or community chest, assign a shot.
4 - loose money to another player, take a shot.
5 - Land on go, take a double shot
6 - land on free parking, take a shot and leave money. Finish the bottle and collect money.
7 - get out of jail free cards may be used to cancel out a shot.
8 - a player can avoid bankruptcy by finishing the bottle, all debts are cancelled by the bank and player receives a $1000 war chest.
8 - if player passes out, withdrawals or vomits player responsible for last shot receives cash and property. If last shot was from passing go or another similar effect assets return to bank.

This can get people wasted fast, so feel free to substitute different alcohols depending on the groups experience with alcahol.
And if any girls or light weights are playing they should have a weaker drink available as a handicap.

Have fun!

*Note* Destructoid assumes no responsibility for the drink recipes posted by Seth, nor the actions taken from imbibing said drinks, neither does Seth. Remeber kids, drink in moderation you don't want alcohol poisoning. As always have something to eat before a night of drinking.

Thanks to Excremento for template.

Look I Drink - Excremento
On The Table - Conrad Zimmerman
Dtoid IRC - #destructoid

Yoda would be sad

About half way through night two of the NARP Wardrox (n00b) declared himself the greatest rocker at Guitar Hero 3, over Bunny Rabbit 2 (eL337), who demonstrated the ability to play fire and the flames on expert without the screen on at all and just the speakers.

There was only one way to solve it!

Wardrox judges a win in GH in a very different way to most of us. While the rest of us said BR2's higher scores and difficulty meant he was better wardrox insisted that it was the amount you flailed around that counted, even though he failed half his songs.

The random flailing led to some serious casualties.

Poor Av the viking was hit multiple times in the head by guitars and guitarists as they flew across the room in a frenzy.

Fowl play was afoot, with screens being turned off and guitarists being tripped over (All by McSnow, who cemented his position as an asshole of the highest calibre).

And in the end a winner was clear... me for not getting injured. And then Bunny Rabbit for actually winning.
But Wardrox felt his raw style and rock out a tude was worth the win.

But all that flailing around reminded me of something else...

Thats right, A MAC USER!

Photo Photo Photo

UK Narp this weekend was awesome, but where the fuck was Jim Sterling?

For those of you across the pond you should know, foreigners play vidya games too. And we can't make it to your fancy Miami NARP's so we throw our own every now and then.

This was a three day drinkathon hosted by Bunny Rabbit 2 in wolverhampton.

The first night had the most people but it was mostly drinking and playing Halo, the best gaming happened on night two and the best drinking on night one. You may notice the absence of the British representation Jim Sterling, he came down with a terrible case of Man Flu so we needed to postpone his death match with Wardrox until the horn of fenris sounds and the skies turn red. it will happen people.

Wardrox himself was absent night one as well due to being a n00b and a day late.

A few Dtoiders did turn up and overall we had a decent turn out, bout 15 people there the first night and 10 the second.

(Roll call - incomplete)
Bunny Rabbit Host
McSnowthe whole time
Daddy Gerplex and a friend from gamestation on the second day.
Wardrox on the second day
And a bunch of non dtoiders who live in the area and know us. If you are a dtoider and i didn't know your username comment and ill ad you)

The first night was an international effort, with many pirates and non English europeans.

/\Av The Viking, new to destructoid.

The night ended with a Halo tourney of sorts, no pics of that because by that point i was so wasted i could barely stand.

The set up was pretty neat, 3 HD screens one SD and 3 xboxes, only one PS3 though.

So far Microsoft is in the lead.

Most played games of night one:
1st: Halo
2nd: Crackdown
3rd: Portal

Night two, weatherspoons and the Guitar Hero off coming up.
Photo Photo Photo

At the UK NARP this weekend Bunny Rabbit (Profile) decided to create a modified version of Excremento's Happy Cola, in tribute to the mix master and list maker we post our recipe here.

I give you Happier Cola

Take the normal Happy Cola recipe, a bottle of Smirnoff ice and a shot of jagermeister, the drink retains it alcopop girlishness but has enough hard liquor in it that people wont look at you funny. Nice transition from alcopops into spirits.

Then how of you improve on this most sippy of drinks? Just add one cola wand.

and watch the mixture froth and ferment as the wand slowly dissolves.

Glaucoma and alcoholism, all this and more at the UK NARP you probably missed.

Original Recipe

This is the first of my UK NARP posts, it went first because it was the shortest. Look forward to "Why is McSnow a jerk?" and "IDrox Rox"
Photo Photo Photo

Bunny Rabbit's post
Bunny Rabbit Is holding a NARP* this friday for UK Dtoid members. It's a whole weekened thing, click the link for more details.

Wardrox Vs Jim Sterling in a battle to the death! in COD4
Rabbit has an awesome rig with every current gen console and a nice library of games, feel free to bring your own consoles or games.
Other gamers to hang out with and geek out with.
Local Ale festival happens on same weekend.

Bunny Rabbit's C-Blog

*No Apparant Reason Party - Drink, games, pizza, random sex with other gamers???