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A n00b Reviews

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Time travel & TF2

Time Travel About the title, y'know, 'A n00b reviews'... I lied, I'm sorry. It's all a scam. To tell the truth, I no longer think I really count as a 'n00b', except for in that deep-seated, primordial way in which we are a...


About Serendipityone of us since 7:58 AM on 01.22.2009

A life-long console gamer, I recently made the switch to the mighty PC, sucking up all my money and social skills.
Have fun reading about it.

Personally, I'm a 20-year-old student living in an unremarkable corner of South-West England, wondering what the hell I can do with a degree but no money. If real life was more like a game, I think now would be the time I began training to become an assassin, because I look good in black and I hear that contract killing pays well.

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