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Seraphis avatar 7:15 PM on 11.19.2008  (server time)
I R Made Of Meat

Yes, I am.
And therefore, should you <Brian Blessed voice> "Smite me down with a heavy blunt object that resembles The Thinker and speaketh the time of day" </Brian Blessed voice>.. should expect to be able to reap my remains. Which would contain something along the lines of:

1x Seraphis Head
2x Seraphis Hands
2x Seraphis Arms
3x Seraphis Testicles (long story..)
2x Seraphis Legs
2x Seraphis Feet
0.5x Seraphis Brain (another lengthy tale for a future occasion..)
2x Seraphis Eyes
1x Seraphis 6" Meat Flank (at least)

However, it would appear that the vast majority of MMO developers disagree with this expectation, and for some reason decide to skirt logic by having mobs drop their parts in random percentages.
Kinda like Clinton. Oh wait - parts - my mistake.

This results in a player killing a Goat That Has Two Eyes, for the quest named 'Kill Goats That Have Two Eyes and Collect 10x Goat Eyes', and not being able to find 2x Goat Eyes on the carcass.

After killing 26 of them and having only 7 (seven??!) eyes and RSI, said player's suspension of disbelief is arguably threatened as it dawns upon them that they are no longer 'Questing', but have been lulled quietly into a Grind.

Bugger. /slump

It may well just be due to good fortune on my behalf, however one of the things I noticed about WoW post- WotLK as I made my way through the Plaguelands on my way to Outlands, was that meat dropped.

As in, every time.

I first noticed it on the Carrion Grubbage quest in EPL. Every single one of those slimy fiends dropped one of these for me:

In fact, it was enough for me to actually sit up and notice this was happening, being so used to it not.

Once I made my way into Outlands, I wondered what this:

..would turn out like.

And to my pleasant surprise, the same thing occurred: every single Hellboar dropped a slab of meat. Before I knew it even the purification count was complete.

So there it is - things have most certainly changed (for the better imho) since my last visit. Whether or not some of my other pet peeves have been addressed remains to be seen, however so-far the return to Blizzeroth has been an enjoyable one.

More soon.

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