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SeraphX avatar 9:38 PM on 06.13.2007  (server time)
Our First Games

Which games influenced your life as a gamer in your early years? What were the games that made you start to play video games on a more daily basis then occasionally going to a friend's house to play Super Mario Bros?

Now bare with me, this is my first blog post. So I apologize for the lackluster attempt in advanced.

My First game ever is still to this day regarded as one of the best RPGs ever created, Chrono Trigger was the first game I ever played and first I ever beat, from the moment Marle was transported to the year 600AD, I knew this was something more than just a video game, it was a life experience, to this day Schala's theme still pops into my head, the battle with Magus still haunts me with it's epic medley and rolling mood. The loss of Crono...Although a extremely easy game, If I had not played it, I do not think I would be a gamer today.

Anyone else have a game that changed it all for them?

P.S. Looking for people who play RB6 Vegas on XBL. Send a FR with your name please.

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