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You know what a non-work day, boredom, and Dayquil can do to you? Well, for me somehow awoke my creative side a little and shot me into WWE 12’s arena creator mode. My goal? To create an arena that would fit both the glorious image of Destructoid and the completely zany world of professional wrestling.

Admittedly, the arena I envisioned couldn’t be fully realized thanks to some technical limitations of the game itself. However the end result that currently exists is something that I think Niero would smile upon anyways. Also I apologize for the slightly not pristine quality pictures in this blog, I took all of these pictures by pointing my smart-phone at my TV.

As you can see, the ring itself has been meticulously crafted to resemble Destructoid’s well known robotic mascot. It’s glorious gentle eyes looking up into the heavens as sweaty half naked men crawl over his face. The blood, sweat, and tears of these competitors is obviously what thrives the robot’s will to survive. Alongside the ring, the apron is a nice vibrant red corresponding to the traditional color that backs up the Destructoid mascot in most forms.

At ringside the padding that protects wrestlers from smacking into solid concrete is a nice green color that again matches the nice color of Destructoid’s mascot. Along with that, the ring television commentators table has been specially customized for the Destructoid themed event. A green, red, and yellow color combination has been bestowed upon it as well as another image of Destructoid’s mascot in clear view. While beautiful, it is designed to be sturdy enough to take a beating as it will inevitably be used as a weapon by any aggressive wrestler (or if you’re Mick Foley, a landing pad).

Even the security barrier that separates fan from wrestler has been spiced up to a Destructoid-approved level of customization. Sporting a red similar to what the ring apron has, an image of the Destructoid mascot appears here as well. Sadly, technical limitations from the game struck at me here as I really wanted to recreate Mr. Andy Dixon’s famous avatar and splash it right here.

You know those bright LED strips most arena’s have now? At most sporting events they’ll relay the score or play stupid animated advertisements like “Eat at Joe’s” or some shit. Well even the Destructoid arena has one of these, except this time the Destructoid face subtly appears on a green fiery backdrop. Why green fire? Because it looked bad-ass and I said “yeah it’s staying”. Again, technical limitations prevented what I originally wanted to do which was make the entire LED strip read “Also, Cocks” over and over.

Of course every new arena needs some inaugural event in order to properly break it in, right? Well, I figured I would get that out of the way too.

Yes, I made a Jim Sterling wrestler just for this blog (sorry Jim, I wasn't really concerned about life-like quality when I quickly made this).

If you wanted a sample of what WWE ‘12’s create-an-arena mode was like, well here you go. My only complaint is that you cant place your own custom ring commentators in for your custom arena... If you could, I would totally make Jonathan Holmes and Jim Sterling my commentators and it would be the second coming of Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan.

I plan on uploading this to WWE '12's PSN server soon, search for "Destructoid Arena" and you should be able to find it.
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