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Seolfer Wulf's blog

8:50 PM on 08.29.2008

So my Xbox Died and I fixed it like a pro!

So, there I was, happily playing Castle Crasher with my brother for 7 hours straight, having a jolly good time, you know, but we got hungry so I turned off the xbox and went ahead to go and cook us up a feast of gargantuan proportions. After this mountainous meal that was almosy on par with mount Everest itself, we return to the xbox.

This is where our soiree into Xbox repairmanship took off.

So we sat down pads in hand (as we've all done many, many a time) and turn on the xbox while chatting, after two minutes I look at the xbox and the xbox looks at me and flicks me the bird. Filled with total disgust at said xbox, due to its rudeness in front of our guests, I turn it off. Feeling more than a little bemused at it's refusal to entertain us I enquire a friend as to how I could fix this problem with my emotionally over-burdened little friend. His polite and useful advice was to do 'The towel trick' which involves wrapping your xbox in three towels and overheating to a point that it resets itself. I, feeling to lazy to do this, instantaniously ruled out this idea and decided to partake in a little chat with my unhappy, unwilling, on-strike, white box friend that I do believe should not be transcribed here within this page as there may be ladies present and i do not wish to offend them.

Proceeding forth from my conversation with him I asked him nicely to please be a good sport and entertain my company. After he refused six or seven times I promptly and assertedly belted the sh*t out of him with my left hand which, I dare say, taught us both a few things about each other. A couple of these things would be that; Xbox's while made of plastic are still pretty much the equivalent of punching a wall and I believe he also learnt that I won't be taking anymore of his uppety attitude towards me not paying him anything but electricity for his menial labour. After solidly teaching the old boy a lesson I pushed the power button to, low and behold, he decided to play castle crashers with me again.

I'm deciding whether I should be allowed to have children or not.   read

6:41 PM on 08.28.2008

Mr destructoids head... Castle Crashers....

Less of a blog, more of a question to people.

Why.... Oh why........ I mean Its awesome.....but why..... Is Mr Destructoids head floating in the Sea during the Pirate-ninja level?   read

9:25 PM on 08.22.2008

New XBOX Live Headset: Goes DOWN a treat!

Now I was going to make an in depth post, to break through my blogging virginity. It was going to be artsy and emotional about how a game can never be truely bad.....

Unfortunately I saw this and well....... It took the biscuit.   read

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