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Seolfer Wulf's blog

8:50 PM on 08.29.2008

So my Xbox Died and I fixed it like a pro!

So, there I was, happily playing Castle Crasher with my brother for 7 hours straight, having a jolly good time, you know, but we got hungry so I turned off the xbox and went ahead to go and cook us up a feast of gargantuan pr...   read

6:41 PM on 08.28.2008

Mr destructoids head... Castle Crashers....

Less of a blog, more of a question to people. Why.... Oh why........ I mean Its awesome.....but why..... Is Mr Destructoids head floating in the Sea during the Pirate-ninja level?   read

9:25 PM on 08.22.2008

New XBOX Live Headset: Goes DOWN a treat!

Now I was going to make an in depth post, to break through my blogging virginity. It was going to be artsy and emotional about how a game can never be truely bad..... Unfortunately I saw this and well....... It took the biscuit.   read

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