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Sentry avatar 12:46 PM on 03.07.2010
PAX East Contest: It's the Goof Boy!

Well, it's a little last-minute, but here's my entry. It was kinda' hard to get some of this filmed during daylight/business hours, so please excuse the quick cuts during some of my speechhavings. Also, I didn't really actively take note of that "blue" language until I'd already rendered and uploaded the video, so hopefully a few curses aren't considered TOO NSFW.

Basically, what you're about to watch is broken into roughly two halves: an arbitrarily-decided upon number (five, I think) of nonsensical reasons why I should go to PAX East, followed by a somewhat somber account of straight talk and how much it would mean to me. For those of you that can stomach the latter half, there's an additional morsel of funny as a reward near the end.

Thanks! Please send me to PAX please, thank you, please!

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