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SentinelLyons avatar 1:18 AM on 07.11.2010  (server time)
The Citizen Kane of Video Games

The movie "Citizen Kane" directed by the great Orson Wells is heralded as one of the greatest movies of all time. This is so because of it's innovative techniques in cinematography and story telling. Techniques such as deep focus and low-angle shots, enhance how we see the film. Techniques in story-telling would include flashbacks, multiple narrators, and much more, that would seem to be normal to us, but revolutionary to the people of Orson Wells' time.

Today, a new medium has risen, one that is still seen as childish by some audiences, but also seen as art by others. The interactivity with the media gave video games a huge head start, making it increasingly popular. Now that it's popularity is really increasing, gamers are begging on their hands and knees for the "Citizen Kane" of video games. Something that will revolutionize gaming forever. I tell you now that the day has already arrived. The Citizen Kane of video game has risen, and it is being released with every video game. Well, almost every one. I say that the Citizen Kane of video games came with the SNES, the N64, the PS2, the Gameboy, almost every year video games are being changed, and made better and better.

If you want to relate video games to movies look at it like this; the first video games set a course for the revolutionary as did the first movies. If you look at pong, and "The Great Train Robbery", and then you look at Super Mario Brothers, and you look at Citizen Kane, you can see that creativity was spewing from the creative heads of the video game industry, onto the faces of its viewers (You are sick).

In any case, and on a personal note, I see a movie like 2001: A Space Odyssey , much more revolutionary than Citizen Kane, and in fact, most people, or gamers, say that they want a Citizen Kane of video games, people some asshole on the television said that Citizen Kane was the best movie ever, plus most gamers wouldn't have the attention span to watch it. Those who do and know their shit, hopefully you'll see my point in saying that if you're looking for revolutionary, look no further than your N64.

Lastly, this is just me venting, as I think a grand total of 3 people will probably read this.

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