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What SFIV Would've Looked Like...

So unseen64 had an interesting article on the 9th about how Backbone Entertainment proposed a concept game to Capcom. The game was gonna be called Street Fighter IV Flashback. I was reminded of this article after seeing all those people remaking Street Fighter Characters in the Unreal III engine. Give it a read and definitely look at the images. Street Fighter IV Flashback Concept


Socom Confrontation Patch Dated 1/9

The patch will be hitting servers at 2 a.m. pst. I've been waiting for this patch, hopefully it will really fix all the bugs that plagued Socom since its release. http://socom.us.playstation.com/post/2009/01/SOCOM-Confrontation-130-Update-Coming-January-9th!.aspx


PSP 3000 Problems

Some users on the playstation underground forums have been reporting interlacing issues with the new psp model. Playstation Underground Side by side comparison that a user by the name of John-Doe made on the 12th page of the thread.


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