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SenorDoucheoisie avatar 12:25 AM on 07.05.2010  (server time)
UPDATED: The Great Summer 2010 Move Out Giveaway! DAY ONE

Hey boners, I have more shit to give away. I hope this will be much more successful than that disaster of a Scott Pilgrim contest that Gyrael ended up winning by default, but considering the prizes, I'm sure it will.

So here's the deal: as my parents will be moving to another state in just three weeks, I'm going to be transitioning from a rent-free situation to a "suck dick for a closet to sleep in" agreement very soon. I've been packing up my stuff lately, and I've expertly concluded that the bulk of my crap is collectibles and figures, aka children's toys. This includes a shit-ton of duplicates of exclusives I've purchased from Comic-Cons past, which I'm likely not going to sell for a decent price anytime soon.

As a result, I've decided to dump all this stuff onto the wonderful Dtoid community. Throughout this week I'll be running two or three contests to give out some of this amazing stuff. And guess what?


My first item to give away is going to be this:

That is a 2008 Comic-Con Exclusive DC Direct 10th Anniversary Batman figure, limited to some absurd amount. There's also a matching Joker figure that's, unsurprisingly, about twice as awesome, and as such, worth twice as much, so I'll be keeping that to make some profit. Forget about that though; this is your chance to win an amazing piece of Batman memorabilia.

How are you going to do so? You're going to write me something. Show me how creative y'all are by giving me a 500 word piece that starts with this sentence:

"After a hard day of work, I walked into my study to find my best friend Batman crouched over the windowsill, looking forlorn and dejected."

A few guidelines:

-The 500 word limit starts after that sentence. So all in all, it's a 525 word limit.
-YOU ARE NOT ROBIN. You're just you, the lonely Internet nerd trying to win a children's toy. Entries involving you as Robin and in turn some sort of homoerotic undertones will immediately be rejected due to general uncreativeness and massive homophobia on my part.

...okay maybe not that last part, but yeah, it's been done before, fellas.

None of this plz kthx

That's pretty much it folks. Deadline for this contest is, oh, let's make it Wednesday the 14th, at 11:59PM PDT. I look forward to the entries, pending there actually being entries.

The next context will likely be posted in a couple days, likely Tuesday night. While I can't spoil the item, all I can say is that it's more than meets the eye. *COMPLETELY INCONSPICUOUS WINK*

PS Just in case you wieners complain about the dust on that box and bent cover or whatever, you're not getting the exact item in the pictures above; you're actually getting a better, completely mint version of it, still in its protective plastic covering.

UPDATE: I know all of you are out there diligently typing up a piece to win that Batman figure, so here's even more incentive to try harder: THERE IS NOW A 2ND PLACE PRIZE.

This is Red Son Batman, from the amazing graphic novel Superman: Red Son. He's been collecting dust on my shelf, so I'm going to just give him away, even though I love the figure so damned much. What you see is basically what you get; there's also a display stand, but it's just a piece of plastic.


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