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SenorDoucheoisie avatar 2:41 AM on 07.09.2010  (server time)
The Great Summer 2010 Move Out Giveaway! DAY TWO

Here it is, Day Two of my Contest Weektacular. Remember, Day One is still going, so if you're even remotely interested in Batman, make sure to hit that up.

Today, I'm giving out several pieces, once again Comic Con 2008 Exclusives. How to get them? Hmm, let's make this one a caption contest. Come up with a great caption for this picture:

Can't tell what that is? Look closer:


Here's the 1st item:

That's a Classics Nemesis Prime, and it's an amazing, amazing figure. The original Optimus Prime mold was pretty secks to begin with, but make that shit black, and you have GOLD.

The 2nd item:

A Titanium Skywarp, one of the last Titanium figures made. Shit is die-cast, so it's heavy as hell and the transformation's pretty simple, but it's still a pretty sexy shelf piece.

Both toys are pretty great in their own right, so 1st place gets a choice between the two items, with the remaining item given to 2nd place.


I'm also throwing in a 3rd place prize, because I bought a duplicate of it for some reason.

Back when the first Michael Bay Transformers movie came out, Hasbro came out with this line called "Real Gears", featuring robots that transformed into household items, like digital cameras, binoculars, camcorders, the like. Most of them were pretty crappy and nonposeable, but a few of the later ones were actually super fun toys. Meantime is one of them; dude may look simple, but his poseabilty makes him a brilliant workplace toy to tinker around with.

That picture says it all, doesn't it?

I also have a bunch of loose Transformers that I might just give out to random folks, but I'm still thinking about how to do that.

Anyway, the deadline for this contest is 11:59PM PDT, Tuesday July 20th. Good luck brolociraptors!

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